PLEASE HELP! I got a glass dildo stuck inside me. How do I remove it?


PLEASE HELP! I got a glass dildo stuck inside me. How do I remove it?

I accidentally got a glass “butt plug” stuck inside my anal cavity while I was masturbating.   I took an enema and I’m currently waiting on the toilet.

Any suggestions?

Update 1:  glass dildo stuck inside me

I’m at the ER waiting for an X-RAY. Please y’all, do NOT use things that are not meant for your butt. It’s not worth it. I’m so disappointed in myself because this could have easily been avoided.

Update 2:

They could see it in the X-ray and they said it’s pretty low in the rectum (thank god). The doc is going to perform a rectal exam and remove by hand/using an instrument.

Update 3: glass dildo stuck inside me

The doc did the rectal exam and wasn’t able to retrieve it. OH MY GOD IT FKN HURT. He could see it but the object is in such a difficult position; making it difficult to retrieve. I will have to go through a more invasive procedure. This fkn sucks guys. I THANK you all for pushing me to go into the ER. This could have escalated terribly.

Wow! thanks for the attention and awards guys! I did not expect my post to gain this much traction. My interaction with all of you has certainly made my situation better. I am still waiting for surgery to call the doc back.

Update 4: glass dildo stuck inside me

Surgery department called back and is doing my case today. I just finished taking the COVID test (OMG ALSO) and I am now awaiting transport. Thanks for your support everyone. You all are really making this process easier.

Update 5: glass dildo stuck inside me

This all feels like a dream, or nightmare I should say. I am still in my room waiting for the COVID test to come back. Once that happens, I will finally go through a minimally invasive surgery🤣. Again, THANK YOU ALL. I have been on Reddit for the past hour, reading all of your comments and replying. I will update y’all more soon. You all are legends in my eyes 🤙

Update 6: glass dildo stuck inside me

40 mins later, I’m about to go into the OR. See y’all later.

Update 7: 

I’m in the post op room and they got it out without any complications. YAY! I’m feeling very groggy and I’m awaiting for my ride to pick me up. The general anesthesia was crazy. Although I should be happy for not having any surgical complications, I shouldn’t even be here in the first place! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, take this post as a lesson for everyone to use proper sex toys. I literally have just gone through hell for something so stupid and unnecessary.

Update 8: glass dildo stuck inside me

Hey everyone. It’s 4AM, and I just got home. This has been a wild ride. I’m reading through this post, and my god you guys are funny😂. Y’all really helped me get through this so I appreciate every single upvote, comment, and award. I am feeling no effects from the procedure except a little bloating. I’m still a little groggy.

If this ever happens to you, please please seek medical attention. Take deep breaths and don’t panic. You can try to fish it out with your fingers but please be sure to not push it in further like I did. As soon as you don’t feel it with your fingers, brave up and go to the ER. Taking a laxative may help or push it even deeper. I initially planned to wait and poop it out or pull it out but you guys really encouraged me to go to the ER. All of you honestly might have saved me from terrible terrible health consequences. I have learned my lesson and will never ever ever stick anything up my ass besides sex toys. I hope this post saves someone from potentially doing the same thing.

Stay safe everyone, and enjoy responsibly.


Oh yea, some of you don’t know if I’m male or female. I am a straight male who likes butt play. So being in the hospital is even more awkward than it has to be.


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