Male Genital Piercing – Pros and Cons

piercing 3Male Genital Piercing – Pros and Cons

I’ve pierced my ears, nose, tongue, lip, nipple, ball sac (Lorum), penis (Frenum), and guiche.  The only one I have left, is my nipple.  For me, the nipple was the most painful, with the tongue being a close second.  The tongue is the only piercing I took out within the first month.  I hated it.  It may have had something to do with me only getting it because Venice asked me to, or the long healing process and having to change my entire eating habit.  I am a fast eater, but with a tongue ring, that wasn’t happening.

Fat boy gotta eat.

Either way, none of them were that bad, but the genital area piercings were the least painful.  Maybe because by nature the penis squeezing it’s way into the tightest areas on a human body and rubbing back and forth for 1000s of pumps a night, or the years of grabbing your cock and squeezing as hard as you can and yanking until you cum all over the place.  As scary as it seems, a needle is no match for the penis skin.  Now, with that said, all my piercings were skin piercings, not through the head (Ampallang, Apadravya, etc) or down the urethra (Prince Albert).  I personally have no interest in these types of piercings, but I’d assume they were much more painful than the Frenum Ladder, Lorum,  and Guiche.

Since I have removed all my genital piercings I decided to list my pros and cons.  I believe I did a blog before regarding the genital piercings, so some of my opinions may have changed.

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