Male Genital Piercing – Pros and Cons

piercing 3Male Genital Piercing – Pros and Cons

I’ve pierced my ears, nose, tongue, lip, nipple, ball sac (Lorum), penis (Frenum), and guiche.  The only one I have left, is my nipple.  For me, the nipple was the most painful, with the tongue being a close second.  The tongue is the only piercing I took out within the first month.  I hated it.  It may have had something to do with me only getting it because Venice asked me to, or the long healing process and having to change my entire eating habit.  I am a fast eater, but with a tongue ring, that wasn’t happening.

Fat boy gotta eat.

Either way, none of them were that bad, but the genital area piercings were the least painful.  Maybe because by nature the penis squeezing it’s way into the tightest areas on a human body and rubbing back and forth for 1000s of pumps a night, or the years of grabbing your cock and squeezing as hard as you can and yanking until you cum all over the place.  As scary as it seems, a needle is no match for the penis skin.  Now, with that said, all my piercings were skin piercings, not through the head (Ampallang, Apadravya, etc) or down the urethra (Prince Albert).  I personally have no interest in these types of piercings, but I’d assume they were much more painful than the Frenum Ladder, Lorum,  and Guiche.

Since I have removed all my genital piercings I decided to list my pros and cons.  I believe I did a blog before regarding the genital piercings, so some of my opinions may have changed.

piercing2Male Genital Piercing – Pros:

Aesthetic.  I think they look amazing.  Venice thinks they look amazing.    This was really the only PRO for the Lorum (on the ball sac below the shaft)  piercing.

The Guiche (between the balls and ass — right over the prostate area) piercing felt amazing when it was licked or sucked on.

Women love them.  Even if they don’t think they love them, they do.  Whether it be the elephant in the room, or something a woman feels obligated to play with, I have never been able to pull my dick or balls out and not have my piercings played with.   The most surprising I guess was the Guiche.  If a woman sees it, no matter where it’s positioned, it becomes the focus of their tongues.

It gives your penis the “curious” factor.  For instance, imagine a group standing around mixed with women and men, and a guy mentions that his penis is over 12 inches.  Of course the group laughs and shrugs him off, but he says,  “No seriously, it is, go get a ruler.”  There isn’t a man or woman in the room that will not be curious at that point.  Piercings have that same reaction.  If anyone hears about it or has heard you have piercings, it makes your package that much more curious, in a good way.   For those of us without 12 inches, having a pierced dick is a good way to at least get a woman to wonder what it would be like to be with us sexually.  That’s a win.

The Frenum piercing was intense for hand jobs and masturbation purposes.  Because of its position and the back and forth movement, it created a nice sensation that amplified my orgasm.

Male Genital Piercing – Cons:

The Frenum piercing hurt Venice.  She absolutely hated how the metal felt inside her.  Maybe it was her tight walls or shallow vagina, but she absolutely would scream in “bad” pain because of the piercings.   Most of the time she would ask me to take them off before either of us could finish.

Again, the Frenum had to be removed for anal sex (it had to be removed for all sex towards the end of its run).  Anal sex was not safe and didn’t feel good for either of us.  Because of how tight the anus is, the metal would scratch against both of us.  We tried it one time and it was a horrible experience.  Not to mention, anal sex is already a position where you have to be careful not to tear the anus, having a metal piercing only makes it that much more risky.  Our goal is not to destroy each others private parts so we can’t use them in a few years.  We enjoy having sex, especially anal sex, frequently.  Which for me means, I do not want tears because that puts the booty on the sidelines for a week.

The Frenum made threesomes a little more risky.  Venice and I only have protected penetration with the third, and the piercing made a condom tearing much more possible.  Again, it had to be removed prior to intercourse.

Because the Frenum had to be removed so much, if I left it out for the night, I would have to almost re-pierce it just to put it back in.  This left it very sore, like it had never healed.  Although we loved how it looked it just wasn’t worth it for us any longer.

The Lorum never healed properly.  Although I had this piercing for over a year, the amount of movement my testicles made each day, whether it be walking or sex, this piercing seemed to stay sore.   Also, during threesomes, it seems women target the  piercings with their tongues.  Although this is a PRO, it is also a CON.   I never really felt comfortable having a strange tongue on an area that may not be healed or like a mini open wound.

The Guiche piercing healed properly but after a long day of sitting in the office, it also got sore a lot.  If it pressed against the skin hard, it would really hurt when I stood up.  I had to walk like their was a stick in ass because of the pain I felt as my skin loosened back up.  This was only temporary but it just became annoying.  This piercing was the hardest to get rid of, especially since I loved feeling it licked.

Shaving was difficult.  I have always shaved my genitals (and underarms), long before I knew it was acceptable.  I am a huge germ freak and I shave my anus because the idea of being clean didn’t make sense to me as long as I had hair.  Since I was shaving my ass, I also shaved my balls and all around them (I did not shave my pubic area, just trimmed).   I remember doing this even as my hair grew for the first time, so for me it is a necessity.  The piercings made this much more difficult.  Unless you take them out to shave, sometimes your razor gets snagged, but other times you miss spots completely because the razor doesn’t get around the metal balls or hoops.  Very annoying and once I removed all my piercings, it felt so good to just put a razor against my skin and finally get a clean easy shave.

Handjobs and rubbing feel much better without all the piercings.  At one point, when I had all my piercings in, Venice would snag on every area of my genitals when all she wanted to do was rub my body as she fell asleep.  I had to remind her to be careful or not touch me at all.


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