The Others 2020: Lola Down – The Nympho Next Door

The Others 2020: Lola Down – The Nympho Next Door

The purpose of this section was originally to share stories from different couples we met through social media: The Quad and Anie’s Diary.  Unfortunately, as the years passed, we have lost touch with Anie, but we are happy to share that The Quad is still together and doing wonderful.  We decided to expand the section so we have a chance to learn about other sex bloggers and share them with our readers.  You know, let these sex bloggers smell the flowers while we are all still sex blogging.  Either way, I am excited to dive into other sex blogs and see what they are all about.  This month, it’s all about Lola Down.

We will research and learn about one other sex blog each month for the next 12 months. So that will be 12 new sex blogs we learn about in 2020.  Venice and Ryan will link each other and talk in txt (gtalk) about our thoughts.  We will then take portions of our txt conversations and publish for the world to read.  

The Others 2020: March – Lola Down, The Nympho Next Door

This month we are going to spend time with H.H. and Lola Down.  We’ve seen their names floating around for years and have never really dug into what they are all about.   They are one of the few bloggers on the scene that regularly support us, so we want to spend some time and see what they are all about, as well as extend our appreciation to them.

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