The Others 2020: Lola Down – The Nympho Next Door

The Others 2020: Lola Down – The Nympho Next Door

The purpose of this section was originally to share stories from different couples we met through social media: The Quad and Anie’s Diary.  Unfortunately, as the years passed, we have lost touch with Anie, but we are happy to share that The Quad is still together and doing wonderful.  We decided to expand the section so we have a chance to learn about other sex bloggers and share them with our readers.  You know, let these sex bloggers smell the flowers while we are all still sex blogging.  Either way, I am excited to dive into other sex blogs and see what they are all about.  This month, it’s all about Lola Down.

We will research and learn about one other sex blog each month for the next 12 months. So that will be 12 new sex blogs we learn about in 2020.  Venice and Ryan will link each other and talk in txt (gtalk) about our thoughts.  We will then take portions of our txt conversations and publish for the world to read.  

The Others 2020: March – Lola Down, The Nympho Next Door

This month we are going to spend time with H.H. and Lola Down.  We’ve seen their names floating around for years and have never really dug into what they are all about.   They are one of the few bloggers on the scene that regularly support us, so we want to spend some time and see what they are all about, as well as extend our appreciation to them.

H. H. and Lola Down

Ryan:  Venice, this month I’d like to show Lola Down and H.H. some love.  

Venice:  Oh, yes, I have been waiting for this.   I’m at work, do you have the link saved?

Ryan: Lola Down – The Nympho Next Door

Venice:  It’s to her photos and it says it’s password protected!

Ryan:  Oops!  

Venice:  Busted!

Ryan:  Huh?

Venice:  You were trying to creep her photo gallery and linked me to the wrong section!

Ryan:  I plead the fifth!

Venice:  Uh huh.  

Ryan:  Listen, I’m a simple man.  Show me ass and boobs and that’s my type of sex blog!

Venice:  Are you done yet?

Ryan:  Try this one.  Lola Down – The Nympho Next Door 

Venice:  Okay, let me go browse around for a bit.

Ryan:  Okay, while you are doing that I am going to look around next door and like, see if I can borrow some sugar or something.  

Venice:  Ryan, Lola isn’t really next door, you ass.

Ryan:  Huh?

Venice:  You aren’t slick.  

Ryan:  No, I just wanted to see if the neighbors were okay.  Community watch and all.  Crime Stoppers.  Guardian Ang…

Venice:  Just stop already.  Stop.

A book report

Venice:  So let me just say, from browsing around I am starting to understand that H.H. and Lola Down are way beyond what we do.  These aren’t sex blogs, these are full on erotic books.   

Ryan:  Yea, this is why I kind of kept this one on the backburner for a few months.  We really couldn’t do them much justice skimming over their content.  H.H. is an actual author. 

Venice:  I know!  Dang.  And I thought my 400 word blogs were hard!

Ryan:  Same.  

Venice:  I’d like to get the time to check some of their books out in the future.

Ryan:  For sure.   I did check out a few great stories.  Quiver, Very Thankful, and Holding on Comes Easy and various other excerpts taken from what I believe are full books.    Great material.   Extremely easy to read and Lola really is a Nympho.  Love it.

Venice:   I loved Deep C Fishing.  His writing style is perfect for the ladies.  Slow and descriptive.

Ryan:  For sure.  Did you also check out their submissions page?  They seem to have a LARGE fan base.  I mean, at least that is what it seems from the photos.

Venice:  Yea, I was there a lot LONGER than I thought I would be myself.  

Still A Mystery

Ryan:  So what’s your thoughts?

Venice:  They are still a mystery to me.  I searched around for an ‘About’ section and really couldn’t find anything.  All I know is, H.H. seems to write the stories and Lola Down is the Nympho he writes about.

Ryan:  And our next door neighbor!

Venice:  No, she definitely isn’t.  

Ryan:  One could dream…

Venice:  ...and keep dreaming. 

Ryan:   Listen, make sure you guys check out if you like erotic stories and photos.  This couple also supports other sex bloggers and has been around the sex blog scene for a long time.   Once you reach out to them and get a password; the photos, the writing, it’s worth your time.

Venice:  Well worth your time.

Ryan: Speaking of time,  I wish we would have had a bit more time to read through some of this material.  We didn’t prepare very well did we?

Venice:  It’s okay, at least you have a huge dick.

If you are a blogger and you disagree with any of our opinions, questions and answers, or our attitudes towards sex, and want to be removed off our blog, please contact us and we will quickly and quietly remove your links off our website.   

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great idea! thanks for expanding 😉