Q&A: My Girlfriend Makes Jokes About My Penis Size

Q&A: My Girlfriend Makes Jokes About My Penis Size

Initially she used to poke fun at my size, and I was not quite bothered with it, I used to take it in good vein. But it continued (the joking as such as not probably increased, but it is consistent) and now somewhere I have begun to feel insecure about my size, and if she is happy or satisfied with me.

I have talked to her, she said, they’re just jokes, and I believe her also. But the bug of insecurity in my head has already crept in.

Is she just being polite in not confronting me if my size bothers her?

Should I again talk to her? But what will I say ? She will again say they’re just jokes.

Or should I “not laugh” or “not support” her jokes or even object to them outright (honestly this seems pretty rude to me though)?

This seems so trivial, I don’t know what to say or even take an offence on it, or ignore it, or what it she’s really unsatisfied!?

Venice’s response to penis size

I would suggest having an open discussion with her and letting her know these jokes are making you feel insecure.  Once you have told her, do not laugh or support her jokes.  You not laughing is just as rude as her saying a joke you have told her makes you feel insecure.  

Personally, I would never say any joke about my husband that isn’t body positive.  If he gets upset at something I might tease him like,  “Well at least you have a big dick.”   Or if he moves something heavy that I can’t move I act impressed and say, “Dang, all that big dick energy.”    I definitely wouldn’t tease him about anything negative.  The same as if he teased me and said, “Oh that fish smells like your vagina!”  Or, “This shirt is so loose if feels like your vagina!”   I definitely wouldn’t laugh.  Even if it was a joke or teasing me, I do not want to hear negative jokes about my body.  I don’t think its silly to talk to your partner and let them know, these types of jokes just aren’t funny to you.

Ryan’s response to penis size

Whether a woman considers me small, average, or large, any joke about my penis better be about it being too large.  Yes, I am that petty.  I don’t care if my penis was 3 inches erect, any joke better be body positive.  Personally I am not attracted to a person who is insensitive to others’ feelings, especially something as sensitive as a man’s penis.  And as the old saying goes, treat people the way you like to be treated.  Personally, I couldn’t imagine myself saying a mean joke to a person about their body, especially if I knew it could possibly hurt their feelings, and they aren’t being mean to me.

We’ve had various women in our group expose their breasts drunk, playing around, or just getting a bit wild.  And sometimes, because alcohol is involved, the group may tease the person (just an example), “Girl those things are getting saggy!”   No matter the mood,  I personally do not jump in on those jokes.  Whether it’s teasing or playful, I don’t find it funny to tease a person about their body.  

With that said, talk to your girlfriend about her jokes and let her know you no longer find them funny.  I assume she will understand and let it go.  If she continues to say jokes, either don’t laugh, let her know it wasn’t funny, or ask her how she’d feel if you said her vagina was huge?   I’m pretty sure she will understand size jokes aren’t very funny when you respond teasing her about the size of her vagina.