Q&A: Have you ever vomited due to deepthroating?

Have you ever vomited due to deepthroating? Sucking dick.

I’ve never been able to deep throat very well but obviously that’s something that guys like and something I’d like to be able to do. I live with my long term bf and with both of us being on antidepressants, our sex drives are quite calm. That being said, when we do get intimate I want it to be great for him. Anyways, I decided to push myself for the deep throat during foreplay. I gagged but nothing happened so I kept going. Then I felt it start to come up. I could tell he was enjoying himself so I tried to swallow/push it back down but NOPE! Soon inside my mouth was an erect dick surrounded by vomit (I’m so sorry, I know this is gross). I pulled my mouth off and rushed to the bathroom and he followed me. I went straight for the toilet and he leans over the shower and does the same thing… Blow job turned into puke fest. I was horrified. I ran back into the room to change the sheets while he cleaned off. I buried myself under the covers in embarrassment. He came back in the room and laid down and we didn’t say a word to each other.

Has anyone else ever vomited due to deepthroating? Questions about Sucking dick.

Venice’s response to vomit while sucking dick

Yes.  The first time this happened for me was with Ryan was on top of me face fucking me. We were a  bit tipsy.  Although I do not have much of a gag reflex, the combination of alcohol and his penis being shoved down in my throat, caused me to puke.  He pulled out and it went all over my face and the bed. Unlike you, rather than running to the bathroom, he held me down and shoved his dick back in my mouth.  I felt his crouch and balls slapping against my face with my own puke.  It didn’t take long for him to cum after this because the idea got him extra excited and aggressive.  He pulled out and came all over my face and puke.

Because of that experience, for years, Ryan would hold my head down, try to make me gag, and say to me while sucking his dick, “puke on it and I will stroke myself in it until I cum.” I just could never puke. Well last week we were both persistent and decided we weren’t stopping until he had vomit on him. He held my head down until I had no choice but to gag.  The intense gagging causes tears to run down my face, which only excited Ryan more.  I was persistent and really had to force myself to puke.  The cool thing was, once it started, it doesn’t stop. The other cool thing was, it was more like clear slick frothy puke, not like beef stew or anything. I drank a lot of water prior.  Either way, I did puke and watched him stroked himself in it.  After I puked once, I knew I would keep puking if he tried to force my head down onto his dick.  The smell, the idea of sucking on my own puke, and my gag reflex being totally activated.  Ryan didn’t care. Although we role play a lot and we have our safety word, I actually was a bit scared and said “I can’t do this any more.”  Not my safety word, but I remember feeling scared of the puking feeling.  The look in my eyes only turned him on more and he grabbed my head and shoved me all the way down on him again.  I didn’t really fight, so he used my hair to pull me up and down on his dick. I instantly puked again.  I would try to pull away, put he’d force me to puke in his lap then immediately shove me back down on his dick, controlling my movements by holding on to my hair.  I kept puking all over his lap. Every now and then I would force myself away, crying.  The tears are a natural reaction to puking, so I couldn’t help it.  He would look at me stroking his dick in my fluids.  He let go of himself and asked me to stroke his dick for him.  So I started stroking him with two hands while he leaned back focusing on trying to cum.  His dick and balls felt so wet, almost like trying to hold a large fish.  As I saw his body tense up, I knew he was going to cum.  He grabbed my head one last time and shoved me all the way down on his dick.  My mouth was against his hairy wet crotch.  I could feel his dick twitching in my throat and I knew no matter what I couldn’t come up until he was done.  I was slightly gagging, and each time the air in my throat was able to squeeze around his dick  and out of my mouth, I watched the vomit in his lap bubble from my breath.  He finally let go of my head and I was able to come up off his dick.  He looked at me and told me to swallow.  I already had.  

Although your experience was horrible for you, it is on some couples bucket lists. It’s not the end of the world, and the truth is, that moment will be on both of your minds forever. You can make it an embarrassing thing, or embrace the idea that you care so much for your boyfriend that you’d do anything for him, including throwing up on his dick because you wanted it down your throat. Its equivalent to a man looking at your ass and saying “I’d like to sniff her ass and be her panties for a day.” Yea, that would be gross right? Being our panties for a day?  Well, seeing his dick and saying, “I want to suck that dick until it makes me puke.” You must really admire him and his dick.  

Ryan’s response to vomit while sucking dick

Congratulations.  Sex is scary, dirty, and gross if you focus on what is actually happening.  The fluids, the squirting, the saliva, the sweat, the cum, sometimes the blood, and yes, even vomit.  Two people exploring everything their bodies can do to one another is an amazing feeling.  On another note, I do remember Venice learning how to deep throat.  There were multiple sessions where she would try, eyes would water, and she would get “sensitive’ and gag non stop.  The more she tried in that session, the easier she would gag and nearly vomit.  We’d stop and try the next day.  You sound like an amazing woman that is willing to push yourself to learn to control your gag reflex.  Puking happens, don’t let that stop you from learning to please your man better than any woman would ever be able to.  Being on the receiving end of a deep throat, is one of the greatest feelings on earth.