Reviews: Pulse II Duo by Hot Octopus

When we got this item in the mail, the presentation really impressed us.  The boxing of the Pulse II almost feels like you are opening fine jewelry.   The outside of the box has a nice mirror like effect, and the item is packaged with a small cloth pouch.  It feels soft and looks almost like a toy built for royalty.  The creators really took time in developing this tool.   First impressions are everything, and this item looks so classy that I felt like I needed to go wash my penis before I dared put it around my cock.

Using the Pulse II Duo was an interesting experience. The website claims it is a tool to help with foreplay, and I agree.   It is a great tool for foreplay.  Imagine laying on your back and taking a Hitachi Wand and resting it across your penis/frenulum (the sensitive area underneath your head on the underside of your shaft).  As you lay there, your lady friend gets on top of you and nicely places her clit and vagina on the other side of the Hitachi Wand.  You both lay together and move with each other, waiting to see if either of you orgasm.  Obviously, with the Hitachi Wand, you’d have the wand in the way, as well as the cord.  With the Pulse II Duo, that isn’t an issue.  It’s hands free.  Literally, imagine just the head of the Hitachi Wand wrapped around your penis, with a vibrating pulse on the underside of your shaft, and a second vibrating pulse on the outside (for the vagina). No cord, no wand, no need for hands.  It feels great and I experienced some things I had never experienced before, which is why this truly is a great tool for foreplay.

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