Punishment For Being a Bad Husband

my husbands punishmentUnfortunately after a long day of work I feel asleep. I didn’t just fall asleep, I went into a deep slumber where everything seemed unimportant and my body totally shut down. The problem was, I had promised Venice we would go shopping for some new lingerie. I woke up a few hours later and tried to apologize to Venice.   Her cold stare said it all. She didn’t talk, she didn’t slam cabinets, she just looked at me with disappointment and walked away. I felt horrible, but at the same time I feel I couldn’t help being tired.

Although I had just gotten up, it was already late and I hadn’t showered.  I walked out of the room, took a shower, and got ready for bed again. As I was finishing, Venice walked in the room and said she was tired. She then looked at me and said, “If you want to spend time together, we need to do it now.” I could tell she was disappointed and wanted nothing other than for me to leave her alone. Although we’ve made a commitment to be intimate with each other each night before bed, tonight felt wrong.

I didn’t make eye contact because I knew she was disappointed and told her we didn’t have to spend intimacy time together tonight.  If both of us aren’t happy, it isn’t intimacy.   I laid next to her in bed and rolled over.  As I laid there I could hear the disappointment in her breathing.  I felt a bit of tussling and her moving around on the other side of bed.  I didn’t really want to turn over because I knew she was upset so I just laid there.  Suddenly, I felt her grab my hair as hard as she could.  It pulled my head back so fast it almost snapped my body over.  She squeezed my head with her hand and shoved my face down between her legs.  I was sentenced to the next hour between her legs doing whatever she demanded of my tongue and face.  As she held my face inside her vagina she would tell me how disappointed she was.  She also let me know that after she came all over my face she was going to roll me over and sit on me.   As she felt me get more excited, she added, “I am not going to sit on you with my pussy or ride you asshole, I am going to sit my sweaty ass on your mouth and you are going to stick your tongue in me as far as you can until I feel cleaned.”   She then asked, “Do you deserve to fuck me tonight?”

I responded with, “No,” and continued to circle her clit with my tongue.  I slid a finger in her ass and she immediately let go of my head and grabbed both of her titties and started to squeeze.   As she moaned, she said aloud that tonight I was going to jack myself off and she was going to feed me my own semen.

I began sucking on her clit and pussy lips hard and replied, “I didn’t want to eat my own sperm, it’s only yours.”   I didn’t mind having to jack myself off, but I’d rather not cum if Venice didn’t want it.  However, Venice didn’t care what I wanted or didn’t want.

As she came she screamed and arched her back up in the air.  She snagged my head and slammed it deep inside her pussy.  My mouth  sucked on her hole as my tongue probed her inner walls.  My finger was still inside the rim of her ass and I could feel each spasm of her orgasm.  Her pussy squeezed on my tongue, and her hands clawed at the back of my head.  I looked up and watched her large breasts vibrate as she moaned, nipples fully erect.   I slowly took my other hand and started crawling it up to her breasts, as her nipple rings mesmerized me and drew me closer.   As I got my hand halfway around her breast, she quickly let go of my head and grabbed my wrist with both hands.  She snagged my arm and threw me over to the side of the bed.  I yelled, surprised she still had the energy to control me in such a way.  She sat up, reached down and grabbed my face and moved her mouth closer to my ear, “You are going to jack off your pathetic hard dick and let me watch it drip with cum.  Do you understand me?”

Although she was grabbing my face so my lips could barely move, I tried to respond back with, “Yes….”

She immediately stopped me from talking by shoving her hand inside my mouth and locking my jaw open.   “You’re going to cum in my hands and I am going to feed you.   You’ve been a bad husband and this is your punishment.”

I nodded and she let go of my mouth and positioned her body backwards on top of my face, so her asshole was directly over my mouth and she could watch me stroke my dick.   I grabbed my hard cock with both hands and stroked, making sure she could watch my balls bounce against my thighs with each pull.   She grinded her sweaty ass against my face and demanded I stick my tongue inside her dirty hole as deep as it could go.  I could taste her insides.  She noticed my nuts slamming against my legs and said, “Let those nasty little balls pay for being a bad boy.  Stroke that long dick harder.  I want to see it leak.  I want to see your fucking cock spill out all over us.  You’ve been a bad fucking boy….”

I squeezed my dick as hard as I could with both hands, rubbing it up and down until I felt my balls ache.  I wanted to feel the warmness of Venice’s mouth, her ass, her pussy, or even just the soft touch of her hands, but she refused.  Her ass cheeks muffle the sounds I hear, but what I do make out, Venice is letting me know she won’t touch dick no matter what.  I’ve been bad.  I feel bad, I feel humiliated, I feel the cold air on the top of my dick, my head still exposed so Venice can watch my cum squirt out.  I pull harder and can feel the explosion building.  I stick my tongue so deep inside her ass I can feel the different textures of her inner anus.  I try to scream but she squats down over me and drops her entire weight on my face.  My yell is muffled and my dick explodes.  I can feel the hot sperm landing on my arms, my stomach, my chest, and leaking down my own shaft.  Venice sits up and I can hear her slurping my cum off her hands.  She moans as she tastes me.  I can tell she wants it all, as her favorite part of our sex is being able to taste all of me.  However, tonight I am being punished.   She controls her urges and searches my body for more cum to scrape off so she can finish her punishment.  As she finds random drops all over me, she force feeds me my own cum.  After shoving her cum soaked fingers in my mouth, she pulls them out and licks everything that didn’t slide down my throat.

Now, Venice is sleeping and I am up at 2 AM because I slept all afternoon.