Photo Shoot Gone Wrong, Rape Gone Right

When we first started with Twitter, we didn’t know how to get followers.  We started following people, but really couldn’t understand how to increase that number.  Eventually we got very lucky by finding @CharlieNoodz, who retweeted a few of our pictures to his thousands of followers.  It’s that kind of promotion that gets small-timers like us the boost that we need.  A month or so later, Charlie announced that he needed a new avi (profile picture) for his other account and asked if anyone was interested.  We wanted to do something to thank Charlie for all he’s done for us and what better way than to help him with his a new avi for @CNooddz2 profile.  I thought it was a contest so I immediately started to brainstorm ideas.  The result was a very tame bondage picture of my hands tied and hanging between my legs (see picture).  Ryan then tied my wrists behind my back and put me on my stomach for an alternate picture in case the first set didn’t turn out right.   Unfortunately, pictures from session #2 didn’t come out as well.  I waited, thinking he was changing out his lenses on his camera to get candid pictures.  Instead he had a surprise for me and put a pillowcase on my head.

If I learned anything from him it was never to ruin a surprise.  I opened my eyes but my hair was all over my face.  Somewhere behind me I could hear shuffling and clicking.  I tried to quietly blow my hair away.  Nothing worked.  I was still lying on my stomach with my hands tied behind my back, my tits smashed beneath me.  My fingers were numb and my wrists were chafed.  My breathing became more labored as my air supply was mostly recycled.  Now I can’t move or see except for the gray shadows drifting behind the pillowcase.  The bed dipped down suddenly to my left and he rolls me over.  I feel him grab under my neck.

“Don’t you fucking move, bitch.”  I’m too scared to answer, but I obey.  He pushes my legs open and slaps my pussy.  I wince from the pain of being slapped in such a sensitive area. He shuffles closer to my face.  Suddenly it feels like someone is hitting me in the face with a baguette, but I realize he’s beating me with his dick.  It’s hard so it really hurts.  He strikes my cheek, nose, mouth, eyes, everywhere, with his heavy cock.  He slaps between my legs again, this time right on my clit.  There’s a little bit of relief as he spits on it and rubs it into my lips.  He grabs me by my neck again and reminds me not to move or I’d regret it.

He yanks the pillowcase off my head and he shoves his thick cock in my mouth.  I feel his head hit my tongue and I open my throat for it to slide all the way down.  “Take that dick you stupid bitch.”  And I do.  I relax my throat and feel him fucking my face.  I gag as he pulls his slimy, wet cock out of my throat, over and over again.  He beats me with his wet penis leaving my hair stuck to my face.  I breathe hard, like I just ran a mile in the summer heat, slightly closing my mouth and relaxing.  He quickly slaps my wet face with his palm and yells for me to open my mouth.  He keeps fucking my mouth, hard and deep.  He drops his hips down hard onto my face.  I cry out for him to stop, but his balls muffle my nose and face.  I make choking sounds each time he pulls out, my pussy getting wetter and wetter.  But he doesn’t know that.

Just then he yanks me by both ankles as he adjusts me until my head is hanging off the bed.  He grabs me by my hair and forces me to swallow his dick again.  Forces?  Not quite.  I open my mouth wide but he can’t tell because he rams it in me like he thinks I don’t want it.  He fucks my face and grinds his balls against my nose.  I can feel the wetness seeping out of my pussy.

He gets up and straddles his ass cheeks over my mouth.  “Lick my ass.”  I run my tongue from his balls and end with my tongue thrust in his hot, sweaty asshole. My hair is matted to my face with spit and sweat.  He climbs off and slaps me a few times across my face before flipping me over again to my stomach.  He’s crouched over me, pulling my hair and arching my body backwards.  “Look at the camera,” he orders.  I look around confused and he slaps me again.  He points to the left.  “It’s over there.  Look at the camera.  Say ‘I’m your dirty slut.’” I mumble it quietly and he stuffs his dick into my mouth again. I’ve lost most of the feeling in my hands as they’re still tied behind my back.

He turns me over on my back and he leans over me in a 69 position.  I feel him work his dick into my mouth.  He starts to fuck my mouth, going deep and hard down my throat.  I relax my mouth and let that fat monster go down.  Stop, I whine to him, knowing he’ll do just the opposite.  He facefucks me at least 10 minutes, maybe longer, before I start feeling a tingle brewing deep in my pussy.  Oh, God, I think to myself.  Here it fucking comes. I try to keep my legs from kicking up as I cum.  My hips turn slightly left and right as I suppress the twitching in my pussy.  I scream out again, hoping the goosebumps on my arms and hardening of my nipples don’t give me away.  My screams fueled his fire, causing him to fuck my face harder and faster.  He doesn’t say a word about cumming, but the tightening of his balls on my nose is undeniable.  Ryan thrusts in me faster and faster, his dick getting rock hard in the last few seconds.  I know he’s about to cum.  He pulls out and shoots his hot load on my lips, my stomach, my chest, my shoulders, my eyes, even up to my forehead.  He scoops up his cum from every spot on my body where it lands and tells me to eat it off his fingers.  He takes the remaining drops on the sheet and smears it on my face.  He stands up and says, “Don’t move.”  I remain still as he walks across the room and into the bathroom.

After about a minute, he returns.  The cum dries on my face making my skin tight and sticky.  He spits on my pussy and slaps it, fingering me with two fingers.  He doesn’t realize I’m wet and dripping. He strokes his cock for a few seconds before plunging it in my slippery pussy.  I start to breathe heavily, but they start turning into moans very quickly.  He pulls out and says, “Eat that pussy off my dick, bitch.”  I open my mouth and swallow him down, tasting my own sweet juices.  He grabs me by the top of my head and says, “Say you love my dick.”  But before I can finish my sentence he slams his dick in my pussy again.  My body is elevated up, allowing his shaft to rub hard on my clit.  Suddenly I start feeling a tingle coming from deep in my pelvis.  He speeds up and begins to unwittingly massage my clit.  I feel my body tensing up.  I fight it hard knowing that Ryan would be so pissed if he knew I turned his fake rape into something I enjoyed.  But I cum so unexpectedly that it even surprised me.  I scream out in ecstasy.  “Shut the fuck up and take my cock.”  I clench his dick repeatedly, but he has no idea I cum for the second time on his pistoning cock.  He props himself up and put both my legs to the left side of my body.  I feel his dick getting harder which can only mean one thing.  His hard cock rubs hard against my bone and it’s almost painful in this position.  I keep still and try to bear the pain for just a few more seconds.  I feel him pull out and stroke his dick before he starts to grunt from his powerful cum.  His second cum explodes onto my thighs and lips.

He regains his composure and carefully stands up.  After he slowly turns me on my side, he finally unties my hands.  I circle my shoulders back and rub my wrists.  Ryan asks me if I was okay.  “Yes,” I answered.

“I love you,” he said and kisses my forehead.

“I love you, too.  Play the video.”