The Human Praying Mantis? She’ll try to rip your head off if you cum.

RACQUEL-GONZALEZAlthough her boyfriend came at the wrong time, the cops came not a moment too soon.

Racquel Gonzalez, 24, has been arrested for allegedly assaulting her boyfriend, 30-year-old Esric Davis, when he had an orgasm and she did not, according to a police report obtained by the Smoking Gun.

This is a case of premature ejaculation gone astray.

The Manatee County, Florida couple were having sex on Monday afternoon, Davis told deputies, and after he climaxed too soon, Gonzalez immediately got angry and started scratching and hitting him. 

The police report states that Davis had scratches near his eye and nose. Davis also told investigators that Gonzalez has issues from her past and “goes off” on him frequently.

Gonzalez, who the report states was uncooperative and belligerent during her arrest, was charged with felony domestic battery.

Florida seems to be a hot spot for sex related mishaps this year. In September, a woman was arrested near Port Charlotte after pulling a gun on a man while they were having sex in a moving car.

Earlier that same month, a couple in Zephyrhills wound up in the slammer after their menage a trois gone wrong ended in gunfire, police Tasing, and a SWAT team surrounding the house.

Source: Huffington Post, TheSmokingGun

Police documents below: