Men Fuck Anything That Walks, Barks, Flies, or Just Sits There Doing Absolutely Nothing

Herbie 'The Love Bug' indeed.
Herbie ‘The Love Bug’ indeed.

The birds and the bees, and the couches, helicopters, bicycles, rafts, the family pet, random food, and of course the picnic table.  Some men apparently have sex with anything that walks… or doesn’t walk… or can’t walk… or just any random inanimate object that happens to be near them. This article will list a few recent bizarre love affairs that have been reported in the media:

Edward Smith, of Washington State, may be the king of car making… love. Edward Smith claims to have had sex with more than 1,000 vehicles, including his favorite, the helicopter from the 1980s TV hit, Airwolf.  He has also had some very special moments with Herbie ‘The Love Bug.’  Edward Smith said he doesn’t have eyes for men or women, but instead, he loves looking at a vehicles rear ends and judging how much junk is in the trunk.   “I’m a romantic,” he said. “I know what’s in my heart and I have no desire to change.”   A real muff diver, I mean,  muffler diver.

On Friday, July 26, 2013, a registered sexual predator living in St. Johns County is arrested on charges he had sex with his neighbor’s dog.  St. Johns County Sheriff’s deputies arrested 52-year-old James Lee Lyons after his neighbor complained to detectives that Lyons sexually abused his dog.  Apparently the neighbor let his dog go outside for a while and it went missing.  Later, James Lyons brought the dog back to the neighbors house and said he found it in the shed.  The neighbor, who had already checked teh shed, noticed the dog acting withdrawn, as well as noticed injuries to the dogs rectum and vulva.   The neighbor called Animal Control. Animal Control officials urged the man to take the dog to the vet.   Special Victim’s detectives were then called in to investigate and James Lyons was arrested.  Unfortunately, this is just 1 article of 100.  Apparently men all over the world are getting arrested for having sex with horses, dogs, donkeys, rats, and yes, even chickens.  I guess it doesn’t just taste like chicken, it also feels like it!?

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