Meet Anie – A Married Woman’s Bisexual Journey

laptop_ladyIn our journey together we have met some great people with great stories. During a recent road trip with Venice, she was telling me about one of her friend’s latest adventure and I was totally intrigued. A bit behind on all the juicy gossip, Venice spilled the details about the different things going on in her friend’s life. Before she could finish her story, I asked her to message her friend and see if she’d be interested in sharing some blogs on our page.

When asked if I would like to share some of my stories/experiences, or ideas by my favorite bloggers and now good friends Ryan and Venice I was shocked, honored, terrified, and intrigued. Why shocked…? To think anyone would want to read my stories/experiences was slightly baffling to me. Honored because these two are my friends, of all the people to ask I felt privileged to be one of the lucky ones to share something they would include on their blog. Knowing that someone would read and follow my experiences is intriguing. Not that I have anything greatly profound to share; just knowing something I’ve gone through or am going through could help someone while allowing me to learn and grow within myself is fascinating.

For starters what would I like to be called? Call me Anie. I am married to an amazing man and am a mother of one. A couple years ago during sex with my husband I mentioned how I would love to eat a woman’s pussy right that second. Yea you read that right… ? I had been having thoughts of wanting to experience a woman sexually for a while prior to that outburst, but it kinda just slipped out at that moment. Of course at that time we are on the living room floor, he’s fucking my ass and I’m envisioning a third person in the room with us.

So that’s when it began… The endless even more open conversations, the seemingly never ending line of questioning. My husband automatically attempted to label me, labeled me for just my thoughts & desires because at that time there was no action.

All we knew in the beginning was this was something we wanted to experience together but we soon discovered finding a third was easier said than done and I ended up sharing myself (which he feels is a part of him) with another woman.

Follow me as we go through the ups and downs of looking for a third, some of our sexual experiences and basically our feelings regarding sharing ourselves with another person.

In the future we will not italicize Anie’s writing, or lead into her blog with an intro. It will just be her words.