V’s Wet Inbox – Cum On My Face

cum on her faceV, I am newly married and found your blog a few months ago. I love your experiences, even though I don’t think I could ever have a threesome. That has nothing to do with my question though. I am 19 and pregnant. Ever since I got pregnant my husband refuses to cum in me. I’ve asked him in every way I could think of and he says, ‘I already put one in the oven.” I am sure that’s just his excuse, because the alternative to him cumming in me is pulling out and cumming on my face. I am trying not to take it personal, but I just feel so disrespected when he does this to me. I mean, maybe a few times a month or something, but not every night. I feel like he is trying to live out his porn star fantasies and I am his real doll. Am I wrong for feeling disrespected and is there any way to take a facial and feel good about yourself?

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