Kinky Games Couples Play To Keep Their Love Life Fresh

Kinky Games Couples Play To Keep Their Love Life Fresh

Even in relationships where you are madly in love, sex is great, and you seem to have no issues, there are “down times”. What these couples have figured out is how to handle “down time” and still keep things kinky and hot.  I will share a few kinky games couples play to keep things in the bedroom exciting. We personally have tried all these methods and so far, none of them have gotten boring for us. You have to use your imagination at times, but that’s the fun part.


Kinky Games Couples Play:  The Role Playing Game

This game is kinky and fun. I do not care how experienced you are, role playing that you are two strangers meeting at a random spot and setting up a one night stand can really give you that dopamine rush you only get from meeting a new person.  One of the biggest things couples feel they lose after being together for years is that “new” feeling. We are social creatures and it’s normal to desire wanting someone new, but that new person could be your partner who stays in character and lets you get that new experience.

Playing a Board Game Totally Nude

Pick any board game on earth and take your clothes off. We don’t care if it is Monopoly, Trivia Pursuit, or Candy Land, having your clothes off while playing makes every board game 100x better. If you want a prize, winner gets oral sex! Personally I’d stay away from long games like Risk or Monopoly though as you may have to hold off oral sex until days later when you can actually finish the game!  


Kinky Games Couples Play: Tap Out

Tap Out is a game my husband and I created that is basically no holds barred until one of us taps out.  It can be sex, oral sex, a hand job, or just wrestling nude in our living room. We don’t stop until the other person quits or orgasms first. If you are having oral sex or sex, and he ejaculates before the woman taps out, he loses. So during sex it is my goal to scream for him to go harder, say the most sexiest things I can think of to make him lose control, and move in a way that he will not be able to slow himself down and edge so he doesn’t cum. On the other hand, his goal is to keep going until I can’t handle it anymore and beg for mercy. I’ve never quit yet!


Watch Porn Together

We have always been big advocates of watching your dirtiest porn videos together. This can give each person the opportunity to suggest new things to one another. This also can allow you or your partner to understand that various things you may not be into, really aren’t that bad or naughty. Depending on where you are in your relationship, porn can sooth the guilt a person may feel for desiring certain things that they have been taught their whole life is wrong. Personally, when I met my husband, I thought everything except doggy style and missionary was the only thing normal.  Everything else was extreme and things men want to take advantage of women. Although I had life long fantasies of having rough sex and being totally used, I suppressed those desires and tried to keep our relationship “normal.”  Now after being married 25 years, all those hesitant feelings are gone, porn can be fun, but it’s actually lame because we do so much more than you see in videos.  I believe this is the normal process for a couple, slowly opening up to new things and ideas until porn is actually calm compared to your own sex life.  This is why watching porn together can be fun and help you both learn to grow sexually!


Kinky Games Couples Play:  Hide and Seek

OnlyFans can have 1000s of models to seek out and discover.  It also has a lot of other couples sharing their kinky content.  You can use sites like to find models or couples and explore their amateur content together with your partner. This can be a kinky game for a couple who is open to swinging and has their jealousies under control.  The advantage to this game is you can actually chat or catch a live show with the model or couple that you’ve discovered hiding out on OnlyFans.


Kinky Games Couples Play:  The Pantsing Game

What in the world is the pantsing game?  Well, you and your partner stand in the room with nothing but some sport shorts on, tops are optional. The entire goal of the game is to pull the pants down of your partner. Obviously the man has a bit of a strength advantage but believe it or not this can be extremely exciting because it creates that animalistic feel of ripping off each others clothing. Although it’s a game, it can still be rough and exciting.


Create Your Own Kinky Games

There are 100s of games you and your partner can create and try. From giving your partner oral sex while they try to win in a video game, to setting up a personal gym in your house and working out nude with each other. If you need more ideas, we have a list of various sexy games we have created for couples that you can check out.  


Want To Spice Up The Bedroom? The List Cosmo Won’t Show

no cosmoThis is the list you will never see in Cosmopolitan.   These suggestions are not for women who are squirmish or still feel sex has a lot of dirty aspects.   I actually wouldn’t suggest these techniques to any woman who isn’t married and totally in love with her man.  However, our readers can decide for themselves if they want to give their lovers moments that they will never forget.   These are the moves that will make him say, “She was the wildest woman I have ever had in bed.”   Whether he stays with you forever, or he moves on, he will never forget you.

1. During sex while you are both sweating, stop him from fucking you and beg for him to stick his balls and ass in your face.  As you clean his body, make sure you announce to him that you are a dirty girl who loves licking the sweat off his balls and ass.  This is the technique that most women after you probably will never hear about or try themselves, but he’ll remember it forever.

2. Again, during sex as he is sweating and he is on top of you, lift his arms up and lick under them. His pheromones and body fluids should be driving you to him.  This is what love is all about.  If his forehead or neck is sweating, pull him towards you and lick the sweat off of him.  This is the type of thing that not only keeps you in your man’s mind forever, but it also wins his heart.

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