Want To Spice Up The Bedroom? The List Cosmo Won’t Show

no cosmoThis is the list you will never see in Cosmopolitan.   These suggestions are not for women who are squirmish or still feel sex has a lot of dirty aspects.   I actually wouldn’t suggest these techniques to any woman who isn’t married and totally in love with her man.  However, our readers can decide for themselves if they want to give their lovers moments that they will never forget.   These are the moves that will make him say, “She was the wildest woman I have ever had in bed.”   Whether he stays with you forever, or he moves on, he will never forget you.

1. During sex while you are both sweating, stop him from fucking you and beg for him to stick his balls and ass in your face.  As you clean his body, make sure you announce to him that you are a dirty girl who loves licking the sweat off his balls and ass.  This is the technique that most women after you probably will never hear about or try themselves, but he’ll remember it forever.

2. Again, during sex as he is sweating and he is on top of you, lift his arms up and lick under them. His pheromones and body fluids should be driving you to him.  This is what love is all about.  If his forehead or neck is sweating, pull him towards you and lick the sweat off of him.  This is the type of thing that not only keeps you in your man’s mind forever, but it also wins his heart.

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