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vaginal plastic surgeryHave you ever pulled into an 10 minute oil change shop and thought to yourself, “I wish they had 10 minute vagina repair shops.”   Sure you have, we all have.

Some doctors say vaginal surgery can increase pleasure and improve appearance, but these procedures are rarely medically necessary, are hardly ever covered by insurance, and can cause nerve damage.   A few of the so-called corrections offered:

Labiaplasty (Labial Reduction Surgery) – $6,000 +
Labial reduction surgery is performed to correct enlargement of the labia. Enlargement of the labia minora (inner vaginal lips) affects many women in the United States. The medical term for enlargement of the labia minora is labial hypertrophy. Women who have an enlarged labia minora experience larger outer lips that protrude beyond the labia majora. Women may suffer from pain during exercise, sexual intercourse, cycling, and horseback riding, as well as when wearing tight jeans.

Labia minora reduction is a procedure done in an outpatient setting under local anesthesia and mild sedation. Labiaplasty surgery reduces an enlarged labia minora with little or no visible scarring. During this procedure, the surgeon will contour, reshape, and reduce the size of the labia. The procedure results in a sleeker, thinner appearance of the labia. After the surgery, the patient must get 2 to 3 days of bed rest and apply ice to the area.  This can reduce the size of the inner or outer labia and even out asymmetrical lips. However, visibly asymmetrical and uneven lips are actually the norm.

Ryan: Not only the norm, but how I’d hope most men prefer to see a woman’s vagina.
Venice: Do you think men want symmetrical vaginas?
Ryan: Men?  No.  Boys?  Maybe.
Venice: Ah.
Ryan: The best part about pulling down a woman’s panties is seeing her vagina.  Her unique shape, smell, size, and yes, how her lips appear.   I mean, other than me experiencing you, we’ve been with the same girls.  What do you think?
Venice: Nothing turns me on more than seeing a woman spread her legs and show me her vagina.  It’s why I am bisexual.   I’ve never really looked at the vagina and thought it was anything but sexy, and I love the variety.
Ryan: What about your own?
Venice: See, that’s funny.  Of course I have thought about what it would be like if my vagina wasn’t sideways, the same as I have thought about my breasts being uneven.  But I’ve never looked at another girl and felt anything but turned on.
Ryan: Welcome to my world.

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