Quarter 2 2013: Top 10 Sex Blogs

top10Our reviews are based off a database which keeps track of various categories:   Media, Originality, Updates, Variations, Entertainment, and a few other categories which will remain unpublished.  We have a few trusted friends and fellow authors helping us rate each blog submitted.  We then calculate and review the top 10 blogs in the database.    Yes, we have an actual system.  However, our system is still just our opinions.  No blog listed below will be eligible for another Top 10 list until the end of the year Annual Top Blogs list (the only blogs eligible for the ‘year-end Top 10 list’ must be a previous quarter listee of that same year, and must have our top 10 logo displayed somewhere on their website we can see).

This quarter we added another element to our blog criteria: Twitter accounts.  I was surprised to find so many sex blogs out there without a Twitter account.  Twitter allows you to talk to your readers, provide instant feedback, updates, and events.  If you pride yourself in being a 21st century blogger, you have to offer the means in which you can keep contact with your readers.  Here we present our top 10 blogs of the second quarter of 2013: (twitter / blog url)

10. @madame_mischief:  (Madame Mischief Blog)
Madame Mischief’s blog became a favorite of ours because of the narrative between two lovers.  It provided a unique insight into the intimate telephonic lives of our male and female protagonists.  This was the first time we’d ever seen this type of format in a sex blog, which was somewhat of a soap opera, drawing us in with naughty subsequent dialogue of this series entitled “Digital Sex.”  Follow them as their adventures bring them closer and closer to a potential real life liaison…

9. @erogenoUSblog:  (erogenoUS)
I snickered under my breath while reading “Dr. Ruth Lied To You: Size Does Matter” as she uses personal experience to prove it.  She says in her closing statement, “your mileage may vary.”  But to see her say, “Yes, size does matter,” is probably one taboo revelation that women are careful to admit.  She will also take you shopping for clothes while finding a photo op in the dressing room, showing us another intimate side we rarely see anymore: one that is fully clothed.  I am confident that the woman behind the words will find a way to continue blogging, and for the sake of her readers, I pray she does.

8.  @LadyPhryxus:  (House Phryxus)
Lady Phryxus is the main writer for the House Phryxus blog which is filled with her writings on various BDSM experiences.  She frequents events, specialized parties, and partakes in many events.  Admittedly, I have dabbled in BDSM and similar activities, but do not have the interest (or pain tolerance) to incorporate it into our sex life on a regular basis.  However, that does not mean I can’t appreciate Lady Phryxus and the various “plays” described in her blog, e.g. age play, wax play, and knife play.  I can find the value in the myriad ways in which couples add to their intimate lives, and Lady Phryxus certainly does not disappoint.

7. @bedheadtweeting:  (The Redhead Bedhead)
I, Venice, read the “About” section first and foremost to get a feel of who each blogger is.  In this case, the Redhead Bedhead seems to have written her bio while thinking of me.  She is sassy, witty, and I can read her stuff all day.  What drew me in immediately was an article entitled, “If anal sex makes you gay, do tacos make you Mexican?”  It opens with the statement, “How we miss out when we confuse activity and orientation,” which sets the tone to the type of openness she and her blog portray.  Check out Ms. Bedhead as she coaxes you into her savory world, recently found and luckily for us, has chosen to reveal with us.

6. @wickedgayblog:  (Wicked Gay Blog)
This wicked gay blog explores everything gay in news, politics, pop culture, photography, and the gay community in general.  It’s not limited to featuring hot male figures to which men and women can ogle; it’s a smart, sexy site that poses serious topics such as “When Straight Men Have Sex With Other Men.” Guys, don’t be afraid to check out this blog.  If you do, it doesn’t mean you’re gay, but are confident enough to enlighten yourselves.  If you assert your open-mindedness, it’s imperative that you explore a blog such as this.

5. @wqebelle:  (William Quincy Belle)
Is not the conventional sex blog that is normally filled to the brim with sex-related subject matters which we are accustomed to reading.  We tend to forget that sex is simply not just about positions, orgasms, and how to add to your belt notches, but tangentially speaking, but also about marriage, relationships, divorce, the media – the list is endless.  Mr. Belle touches on many topics, and these are just a few of them.  Check out his blog and the section endearingly titled, “$0.02.”

4. @sexinwords:  (Sex In Words)
Sex-in-Words is not only filled with Jon Pressick’s musings, but invitations for discussions and thought-provoking topics that true lovers of sex are sure to enjoy.  His blog is fresh and is continually being updated.  A favorite of ours is Muse Monday, in which Mr. Pressick writes a short, delicious tale surrounding a steamy photo, rather than vice versa.  It’s a wonderful, innovative idea which he states serves to hone his writing skills and provide naughty entertainment.

3. @ladycheeky: (Lady Cheeky & Smut For Smarties)
Lady Cheeky invites you to Smut For Smarties, which implies that this is not the average sex blog filled with people in compromising positions of which your grandmother wouldn’t approve.  It’s much more.  It caters to lovers and thinkers alike, proving there is an art (and science) to human sexuality.  She appeals to sex educators and writers/bloggers alike as she immerses her readers with visual erotica, but also articles about sensuality, sexual education, sex tips…and much, much more.  Check out her book review of “After Pornified – How Women Are Transforming Pornography and Why It Really Matters” for a sample of her beautiful, sexually-charged brain.

2. @mollysdailykiss: (Mollys Daily Kiss)
Molly’s Daily Kiss claims to be the UK’s highest ranked sex blogger and after one visit to her blog, you’ll see why. I would have to say my favorite page on her blog is “My 101 Things In 1001 Days.” Complete with a timer to the deadline, a checklist, and the status for each task.  She is very fortunate to live in a culture-rich area which lends itself to #21: Create a page on my blog for my Scavenger Hunt images.  Then there are others (#48: Have my underwear cut off with a knife & #55: Be made to masturbate before a live audience) which lead me to believe that she has covered all the bases (PG to XXX).

1. @pennysblog: (A Penny For Your Dirty Thoughts)
Penny’s blog exemplifies everything a sex blog should be.  Her photos, both in black and white and in color, rival that of any professional model posing for a photographer, all elegantly done and complete with stories behind each one.  Her poetry is sinful and subtle (read “Things I Masturbate To” one of them being “the girl at the dentist’s who cleaned [her] teeth”).   Ultimately, she has reeled me in with her anal plug (review of the minx tail, atomic rose plug, the Tantus Ryder – all of the above) reviews and musings since I am a huge fan of plugs.  Everything about her blog is delightfully pleasing to the eyes and soul, a perfect combination, and one that is absolutely essential in your must-read list.

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