Sleeping Nude

A few years ago I asked my wife to promise me she will never lay in bed with me wearing clothes. I noticed throughout the years, we began to change our sleep schedules, change where we slept (sometimes I would sleep in different rooms just to be more comfortable), and never woke up in each others’ arms. If my wife was already in bed wearing some shorts and a tank top, I may walk past her and rub her butt, but most of the time I would take my clothes off, hop in bed with my briefs, and go to sleep. Do not get me wrong, we still had a great sex life, but sex and “bedtime” were on totally different schedules. Like I said, we would have sex, then an hour later both be sleeping in king size beds in separate rooms. I like the room completely dark, she likes to sleep with the television on. I like to have a nice side fan blowing on my body, she doesn’t like the cold air.  To most couples this would seem like a huge problem, but we were both complacent.

The truth is, it was a problem. I no longer saw my wife as someone I wanted to hold all night, touch all night, scoot close and curl my stomach around her butt while rubbing my penis against her thighs. I was turning into a colder man who was affectionate during sex, but mentally not there afterwards. A lot of it had to do with my wife shutting down as she appreciated me less. If I wanted to try something new and different, she would agree, but didn’t show any enthusiasm. The sex was never bad, but it lost the feeling of two people in love.

Back to a few years ago. My wife and I both hit a point where we knew we loved each other, but we both had the mutual feeling of boredom. The complacency wasn’t enough. The sex without enthusiasm wasn’t enough. The lack of attention she got from me wasn’t enough.  The lack of openness in the bedroom for me wasn’t enough. We decided, as a couple, to fix it.  Of course, we both had to see the problem to want to fix it.  Our catalyst was the idea that were were no longer lovers or best friends, just roommates.   It needed fixing and we both agreed.

In breaking down a few reasons I had slipped during the years, I knew I never wanted to grow up and sleep with my wife like I was on a camping trip (fully dressed and ready to run in case a bear breaks into the camper). As a kid, I felt that one day I would marry a woman and each night we would lay nude together, her on my chest, talking about our day. I let my wife know that I want her to be nude for me in bed. I want to wake up in the middle of the night and touch her body. I want to know that if I roll over and hug her, we will both be nude. For various reasons, this helped rekindle that spark we had for each other when we first moved in together. I wanted to touch her again, I wanted to hug her all throughout the night, I wanted to rub myself on her and let her feel my naked body against hers. It was sex, without intercourse. A new form of intimacy that even as a new couple we didn’t appreciate. I could hold my nude body against hers for the entire night, falling in love again.

For me, this nudity came very easy. I love being nude, I love showing my wife my body, and I love to feel the freedom of things hanging where they hang. My wife had a harder time with this, as sometimes she would lay in bed with panties and a shirt, sometimes just her panties. I’d come across the bed and feel down her tummy to her thighs and immediately ask why she was wearing panties. She’d look at me, smile, and say she forgot because she wasn’t used to doing it. That’s all it took for her to remove her clothing, but she had to reverse what she had conditioned herself to do for her entire life. For her, sleeping nude didn’t come natural. She felt safe with more clothing. I wanted her to feel safe with me.

After a few months, I noticed my wife would only wear a robe around the house after a shower.  She may put on a sun dress or something simple, but she would not put on a bra or panties. Before bed, she’d slip off her outfit and lay in bed, nude, no covers, letting me see her body. If she is on her stomach reading, I know she wants me to lick and massage her. If she is on her back, I know she is getting tired and wants me to touch and make out with her before bed. She no longer forgets, in fact, it’s just the opposite. At night I will go out with my wife and notice she will not be wearing panties under her dresses. For whatever reason, she has taken a liking to her new freedom, and I enjoy knowing she is breaking out of her shell.  I want her to enjoy her body as much as I do, and how can I not give her attention knowing my wife is a hand slide away from me feeling her vagina or ass? I love it. I love being around her, I love talking to her, I love hearing what she has to say, because I feel close to her again. I feel like she wants me close to her. She wants me to touch her wherever I can.  She wants me to fuck her, whenever and wherever I can.  I feel like the effort she puts into letting me know she wants me turned on and near her, makes me try throughout the day to show her, I want to be near her. I want to live up to her appreciation. It’s more than just nudity, it’s the call of the wild. It helped  save our marriage, it helped our sex life, and it freed us from complacency.

-This article was originally written on November 4, 2012.   It was published September 30, 2013.

6 Spots Cosmo Won’t Tell You About


Guys, make sure you keep your bodies cleaned thoroughly so you and your partner can really appreciate your body.  Although Cosmo won’t tell you about these spots, they are heavy producers of sweat and pheromones, which by instinct, attract a woman. 

Before deodorant, cologne, and socially unacceptable body odor, cave women were attracted to the cave man who was the strongest, bravest, and always brought home food from hunting.  His hard work caused him to sweat and release pheromones.  Today, while women have evolved and trained to being attracted to the suit-and-tie, we are still drawn to the sweaty pool guy, the hard-working cowboy, or the grimy masculine soldier. 
On your average man, these areas mentioned below are rarely touched by women.  In fact, you may very well be the first person to explore these places on your partner.  Every woman wants to be her man’s first – here’s your chance.  You’ll make yourself more memorable, which in return makes you more appreciated.  Even if you end up breaking up, he will remember you and what you did to his body . He may deny that he ever loved you and hates everything about you, but he’ll never forget how special you made him feel.
1.  His underarms. A man loves to get licked and lightly kissed under his arms.  I don’t use it as an only tool for foreplay, but I do spend a few minutes under my mans arms just to warm him up.  You will be surprised how fast this area will create an erection.  Not only that, his underarms are very strong with pheromones – take time and appreciate your man.


2.  The crease between his thighs and scrotum.  This is another area very strong with pheromones, so enjoy your partner.   Before I put my mouth on Mr. Smith’s dick, I like to lightly nibble and suck on the creases where his thighs meet his balls.  This area is what makes your man your man

3.  His guiche.   Pronounced “gooch,” this is the area between the anus and the scrotum.  If you’ve studied your man body, you’ve noticed the small line that runs down the middle of his scrotum to his anus.  This is a great start for your tongue to trace this line.   If you stop halfway, before his anus, you can lick with a bit more pressure.  This is the area of his body where his prostate is located.  Licking this spot prior to sex is a great warm up, but try stroking your partner until he orgasms, while at the same time sucking and licking the guiche.  You will enjoy feeling each thrust and squeeze of his ejaculation while helping him to achieve a much more intense orgasm.   

4.  HIs anus.   Why stop at the guiche?  A real woman wouldn’t, because she knows through her own experience that a tongue on your anus is one of the greatest feelings in the world.  If she doesn’t know that, neither of you are doing your jobs in the bedroom properly.  Because of E-coli and other bacteria, I would  only suggest exploring your partner’s anus after a thorough cleaning.  I’d also ask myself if this guy deserves this, specifically, if I want to be with him forever.  If the answer to all of those questions are affirmative, dive in!   I like to drill my tongue into his sphincter as well as gently lick and circle it.  I love having the same done to me.

5.  In between his upper butt cheeks.  Some people call it the plumber’s crack, I call it another secret spot Cosmo would never tell you about.  The is the area that spans from the anus to the little dimples above where his back meets his butt cheeks.  This area is best accessed when on all fours or when your partner is lying on his stomach.  The fact that this area is never touched it what makes it so special and sensitive, and as long as your partner is clean, there is no reason not to let your tongue explore here.  The concept of rolling him over is also a sign of submission, so empower yourself and let your partner enjoy the idea of being pampered, with your tongue.  As you lick this area, you could pull his penis from behind or reach up and massage his shoulders.   Take control.

6.  HIs urethra / pee hole.  Mr. Smith likes for me to gently slide the tip of my tongue into his peehole.   This area is very sensitive so make sure to let him know what you want to do by a little bit of dirty talk — take your time.  This is the same area on a man’s penis that will rub against the back of your vagina walls when he is balls deep.   The idea of licking inside his body turns him on the same way he loves to lick inside your body.   There are various other ways to play with a man’s peehole, but I’ll save that for another blog.  

So ladies, go slow and enjoy his intimate areas.  If you’re grossed out by any of these places, especially the first 2, then this blog may be a bit too much for you.  Mr. Smith and live a completely open and carefree sex life and do not consider anything “gross” or “yucky.”  As you mature, you will realize how important it is to know your partner’s entire body, especially if you consider him/her your soulmate.

This blog post is a work in progress.
Last updated:    10/30/2012