Sleeping Nude

A few years ago I asked my wife to promise me she will never lay in bed with me wearing clothes. I noticed throughout the years, we began to change our sleep schedules, change where we slept (sometimes I would sleep in different rooms just to be more comfortable), and never woke up in each others’ arms. If my wife was already in bed wearing some shorts and a tank top, I may walk past her and rub her butt, but most of the time I would take my clothes off, hop in bed with my briefs, and go to sleep. Do not get me wrong, we still had a great sex life, but sex and “bedtime” were on totally different schedules. Like I said, we would have sex, then an hour later both be sleeping in king size beds in separate rooms. I like the room completely dark, she likes to sleep with the television on. I like to have a nice side fan blowing on my body, she doesn’t like the cold air.  To most couples this would seem like a huge problem, but we were both complacent.

The truth is, it was a problem. I no longer saw my wife as someone I wanted to hold all night, touch all night, scoot close and curl my stomach around her butt while rubbing my penis against her thighs. I was turning into a colder man who was affectionate during sex, but mentally not there afterwards. A lot of it had to do with my wife shutting down as she appreciated me less. If I wanted to try something new and different, she would agree, but didn’t show any enthusiasm. The sex was never bad, but it lost the feeling of two people in love.

Back to a few years ago. My wife and I both hit a point where we knew we loved each other, but we both had the mutual feeling of boredom. The complacency wasn’t enough. The sex without enthusiasm wasn’t enough. The lack of attention she got from me wasn’t enough.  The lack of openness in the bedroom for me wasn’t enough. We decided, as a couple, to fix it.  Of course, we both had to see the problem to want to fix it.  Our catalyst was the idea that were were no longer lovers or best friends, just roommates.   It needed fixing and we both agreed.

In breaking down a few reasons I had slipped during the years, I knew I never wanted to grow up and sleep with my wife like I was on a camping trip (fully dressed and ready to run in case a bear breaks into the camper). As a kid, I felt that one day I would marry a woman and each night we would lay nude together, her on my chest, talking about our day. I let my wife know that I want her to be nude for me in bed. I want to wake up in the middle of the night and touch her body. I want to know that if I roll over and hug her, we will both be nude. For various reasons, this helped rekindle that spark we had for each other when we first moved in together. I wanted to touch her again, I wanted to hug her all throughout the night, I wanted to rub myself on her and let her feel my naked body against hers. It was sex, without intercourse. A new form of intimacy that even as a new couple we didn’t appreciate. I could hold my nude body against hers for the entire night, falling in love again.

For me, this nudity came very easy. I love being nude, I love showing my wife my body, and I love to feel the freedom of things hanging where they hang. My wife had a harder time with this, as sometimes she would lay in bed with panties and a shirt, sometimes just her panties. I’d come across the bed and feel down her tummy to her thighs and immediately ask why she was wearing panties. She’d look at me, smile, and say she forgot because she wasn’t used to doing it. That’s all it took for her to remove her clothing, but she had to reverse what she had conditioned herself to do for her entire life. For her, sleeping nude didn’t come natural. She felt safe with more clothing. I wanted her to feel safe with me.

After a few months, I noticed my wife would only wear a robe around the house after a shower.  She may put on a sun dress or something simple, but she would not put on a bra or panties. Before bed, she’d slip off her outfit and lay in bed, nude, no covers, letting me see her body. If she is on her stomach reading, I know she wants me to lick and massage her. If she is on her back, I know she is getting tired and wants me to touch and make out with her before bed. She no longer forgets, in fact, it’s just the opposite. At night I will go out with my wife and notice she will not be wearing panties under her dresses. For whatever reason, she has taken a liking to her new freedom, and I enjoy knowing she is breaking out of her shell.  I want her to enjoy her body as much as I do, and how can I not give her attention knowing my wife is a hand slide away from me feeling her vagina or ass? I love it. I love being around her, I love talking to her, I love hearing what she has to say, because I feel close to her again. I feel like she wants me close to her. She wants me to touch her wherever I can.  She wants me to fuck her, whenever and wherever I can.  I feel like the effort she puts into letting me know she wants me turned on and near her, makes me try throughout the day to show her, I want to be near her. I want to live up to her appreciation. It’s more than just nudity, it’s the call of the wild. It helped  save our marriage, it helped our sex life, and it freed us from complacency.

-This article was originally written on November 4, 2012.   It was published September 30, 2013.

Snapshot Wednesdays – Focus

focusWe have decided to add erotic photography of us to our blog each Wednesday, now known as Snapshot Wednesday.  These won’t be low quality candids or shots taken from our cell phones, these will be photographs we love from our own little photo shoots.  Hopefully these pictures will come out more like tasteful erotic art rather than amateur pornography.  We will update the gallery each week with a new photo to share with our blog followers. 

This week we are again using a photo from our first photo shoot.  We actually took a few hundred pictures that day and got a lot of good shoots.  This probably will not be the last time we use our first photo shoot for Snapshot Wednesday.

I set this shot up.  I asked Ryan to lean back while I put my hand on his chest and hold and lick his dick with the other.  He played with the focus and went back and forth from focusing on my face to the ring, to the tips of my fingers.  This is the picture we choose to use.

Guys With Small Penises Seek Out Younger Girls

Statue of David
David would love younger women

First, I would like to say that I do not have to measured any man’s penis to know what he is packing, his actions speak louder than any ruler ever could. I suppose you could say the title is more of a mental penis size rather than his actual penis length, although I wouldn’t be shocked if physically, it is true as well. Really, how much could a mental midget be packing?A confident man doesn’t chase little girls, and by little girls I am talking about that 27-year-old man chasing a 17-year-old high school girl. In some states it’s legal, but it’s still hilarious. 

Could you imagine how this date would go?

[Justin Bieber ringtone] “Hello? Yes, we can go out tonight, but first I have to finish my pre-Algebra homework and my friend Misty wants me to DVR the new Hannah Montana episode. I think she’s going to reveal her identity!  But that should be done by about 9 o’clock. I have to be back home by 9:30.  Do you think that will be enough time for us to go to Dairy Queen?”

A 17-year-old-girl doesn’t have much to offer a 27-year-old man, and that includes anything in the bedroom. What exactly does a man want from a younger girl? I think it’s less about what he wants and more about him mentally never growing up. He wants to be young, he wants to fuck a girl who won’t judge him for his small cock. He wants to be able to ejaculate prematurely and make her feel good about it, like she is so hot he can’t control himself. Oh, how a young girl will eat this bullshit up and believe every word of it. 

A man wants to dominate his woman. A man wants to be the king of his domain. A man wants to pull out his penis in front of his partner and immediately watch her eyes grow with excitement. A man wants to hear his woman tell him he is the biggest she has ever felt, whether she means it or not. A confident man, on the other hand, doesn’t care if she means it. A confident man doesn’t care about his partner’s past, because he is confident with his own tool, his own body, that he can fuck her and know that she has never been fucked better. He can dig his dick deep in body and watch her wiggle her butt to try and escape the impact in the back of her vagina. A real man doesn’t premature ejaculate or ejaculate at all until his partner is ready. 

If had I to choose between a mature hottie who knows all the ins and outs of a  man’s body or a fresh out of high school diva, I’d go with the mature hottie. I  can’t imagine what it would be like to pull your penis out in front of an 17-year-old, who can’t really see much (for various reasons — size being one of them) because she wants to keep the lights off and hump in the dark. Eventually you slither into bed and turn on your cell phone to pretend to check your urgent messages, hoping the light will flash near your tiny penis and she will get a glance of your package. The only problem is, the light  freaks her out and she pulls the cover up higher on her neck  so you do not see that her breasts are slightly crooked or giggle at that embarrassing mole near her inner thigh. Hey, but at least you get to fuck her right? So you get up and try to convince her to touch your little dick so you can get an erection, but she is too giggly. She eventually touches the tip and snickers then asks, “Is that good?” 
Yea, that’s real good. You just added yourself to the same list as a pair of dirty boxers that touch the tip of his dick everyday. The thing is, a pair of dirty boxers don’t giggle and annoy the fuck out of him.

Oral sex? Forget about it. Unless you are dealing with a bona fide young slut who somehow managed to study her stepfather’s porn he kept stashed in the shed outside of their trailer, good oral sex is out of the question. 

A real woman learns over the years. She learns how a fat dick feels, how a long dick feels, and how to suck a dick perfectly. She learns how to slide her body around on your penis, no matter what size, to enjoy herself as much as possible. She isn’t shy anymore, she doesn’t want the lights off, she doesn’t hide under the sheets, and she has accepted her big floppy crooked breasts and fat ass.  When you are between her legs she pulls your hair and forces you to lick that embarrassing mole on her inner thigh. If you cum early? She rolls over and hits you in the face with a pillow and demands you eat her out until she gets off. A real woman is a challenge, a challenge a mental midget isn’t up too. 
If you disagree, you probably have a small penis.

12 Date Night Ideas

Date night
Date night.

1. No money? No problem! Like many couples, we didn’t have the luxury of spending money. In fact, we scrimped and saved so much that we had very, very few date nights. So one day, we went to Toys R Us and bought a coloring book and a box of crayons. The Crayola 64-pack, to be exact. We splurged. That night, Mr. Smith and I colored, he on the left pages and I on the right. Then we played a game of “let’s see who can name the most crayon colors without looking at the label.” I don’t remember who won. It was probably me though.

2. Record Hunting. Who would have thought I’d see another Fleetwood Mac record after I moved out of my parents’ house? Digging for records is something we enjoy doing together. We look for imperfections, scratches on the record, dented cover art – these were made 20-30 years ago, and finding them in the best condition is very difficult. We find it relaxing.

3. Blockbuster Night. Or a Netflix night, even a Redbox night. I could watch a zombie movie or a comedy, or one of each. Nothing like finding an excuse to squeeze Mr. Smith’s hand or have him cover my eyes. Another idea is to have a theme, like a Russell Crowe-a-thon or movies from the 80s. Have your remote controls ready and don’t forget your popcorn.

4. Bookworming. Another relaxing date is hanging out at the bookstore. It doesn’t matter if it’s Books-a-Million or a used book store. We usually don’t end up buying any books, maybe a magazine and a coffee.

5. Level up. We can spend an entire night playing video games. Revisit your childhood together by playing a video game. If it’s a one-player game you’ll have to pass the paddle; two-player games are even better.

6. Free events. The calendar on our city’s website has a list of free events: poetry readings, recitals, exhibitions, etc. You can plan them several months in advance so if you don’t feel like spending a ton of money or you’re looking for a change from the ordinary,

7. Thrift shopping. One year we decided to wear cheesy Christmas sweaters to our holiday parties. We just knew that it wouldn’t be a problem finding them. But believe it or not, they ranged between $20-$60 that year on eBay. Umm…no. Our local Goodwill had them, of course. And for $3. I wouldn’t really consider this a date night, but it’s still something fun to do without spending a lot of money.

8. Turn up the heat. In the kitchen, that is. The Food Network has a lot of meals that are inexpensive, quick, with ingredients that are available at your local grocery store. I’ve used the Food Network website to come up with appetizers, meals, and desserts. It’s a trial and error thing, but it’s a great way to put variety in your dinner dates.

9. Go camping. Tents can be pricey. Before we bought our own, we rented one and pitched it in our yard. The next morning we were awaken by ants. Lesson: don’t bring Cheese Puffs into your tent because even if they’re unopened they’ll find them.

10. The new place. Try a new restaurant that neither of you have been to. It doesn’t have to be a $40 a plate joint. Go to the new Indian restaurant or that place that makes oven-baked subs. You’ll both be experiencing something new, and therefore creating a new memory together.

11. Say cheese! We may forego our Friday night date if we’re too tired. But the next day we’ll walk around downtown or along the river and take pictures. Not with a photo app, but with a Nikon.

12. Re-enact your first date. Remember your first date together? Make a play list of music from that year, wear the same outfit, and go back to that theater where you first saw that nights we’ve had. Here are some of my favorites:


This blog post is a work in progress.
Last updated:    10/30/2012