3 Years of Anonymous Vagina Submissions From All Over The World (Part 2)

3 Years of Anonymous Vagina Submissions From All Over The World (Part 2)

You are normal. Your vagina is normal.  And your vagina doesn’t show how many men you have had sex with or how many babies you have or haven’t had.  No matter what your age, number of sex partners, or the the amount of children you have had, your vulva can be small, large, thick, or thin.  And guess what?  Every variation is beautiful.

Below are self submissions of women from all over the world that have decided to share their vulva / vaginas, to raise awareness that all women are not alike.  Empowerment in showing other women that there is nothing wrong with the way their vaginas look.  This is 3 years of  anonymous submissions, along with commentary from the woman who submitted the pictures.


Self Submission:

Age 25

Body image: AWFUL. I am pretty overweight and I hate my body. I think my vulva and breasts are actually some of my best features; unfortunately not many people get to know that!


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Age 23

So here I am, a woman with her vulva. I have a very normal body and I love what it allows me to do and feel. At various points in my life, I’ve worried about how parts of it look (primarily to men). Being small chested has bothered me at times; I felt I had a boyish rather than womanly figure. I still struggle with moderate acne, which really impacts my confidence. I could go on with other insecurities, but why bother. I am slowly, slowly realizing what an incredible gift it is to reside in this normal body; honoring that by being body positive for myself and others is a work in progress, and some days are better than others.

A handful of years ago, I suddenly became aware that women with vulvas that look like mine have been going under the knife to trim them down. I am as vulnerable to insecurities as the next girl, but somehow I managed to discard this one. I just can’t dislike my labia. They are too personal, too much a part of me, and it is entirely my choice who gets to see them and consider their aesthetic value…which I guess today is everyone.

Sorry for being wordy.


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Age 21

I have actually never seen my vulva before… never bothered to look, I guess. Now that I have, I don’t really care for it. Also, the stubble looks really weird from this point of view. I need to shave… haha.


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