Happy Valentine’s Day

HeartHappy Valentine’s Day to all the couples or singles that frequent our website.  Today, Venice and I are not going to have hot and heavy Valentine’s sex.  We are not going to meet up with a hot local girl and throw her onto our bed for a Valentine’s threesome.  And we are not doing a steamy Valentine’s photoshoot that ends with me holding a Teddy Bear over Venice’s head while I cum inside her ass moving my hips in a heart shape.  Instead, we are having a no sex day.  What does that mean exactly?  It means we will lay in bed and slowly strip each other nude as we kiss and rub each others bodies.  I will rub my fingers inside and over her pussy and measure how turned on she gets by how wet my fingers feel.  We will kiss each others bodies from head to toe and possibly stop in certain areas if the moans get louder.  There isn’t an area I am not going to lick, as I will pay attention to every detail and crevice her body has to offer.  She will do the same, as we take turns appreciating and turning each other on.  What we won’t do is have sex, orgasm, or turn our night into a physical climax.  We do that every day already, as live our love life like it’s February 14, 364 days a year.    So this year we’ll spend Valentine’s Day going back to our experience the first time we saw each other nude and made out.  No, neither of us orgasmed then either.  Much like tonight, there was petting, touching, exploring, passionate kissing, and a lot of intense moments where we both want to cross that sexual line but stay focused on every reason why we love being close, that doesn’t have to do with sex.  

Sound dumb?   Tell us your plans in the comments below!