Review: We-Vibe 4 by We-Vibe


Great idea, not so great experience. As soon as we saw the We-Vibe design, we had to try it. Welcome to the future of dual orgasms and making love without having to grind out a woman’s clitoris with your pubic bone for an hour waiting for her to orgasm first.


Venice and I struggled for years with the fact that she couldn’t orgasm during intercourse.  Well I did, Venice knew her body and it never really bothered her. Eventually I learned to accept that all women are different and no matter how long or well I perform, sometimes women just can’t orgasm through purely penetration.  As a young man, it’s hard to accept this idea. Eventually I conceded and gave up on it.  My wife could only cum with oral sex.

Venice taught me how to give her oral sex by teaching me to use my tongue in the same motion she would use her fingers when she masturbated as a young girl. I even asked her to masturbate in front of me. As she did, I watched her circle her clit in the same motion I would move my tongue during oral sex. After 30 to 40 minutes of complete silence and no variation in movement, she would orgasm. Of course, I learned to do the same thing with my fingers, even getting her to orgasm by jacking her clit with my fingertips like it was a miniature penis.  This eventually led us to rubbing her clitoris with our fingers during sex, and if we were patient enough, I finally got to feel her orgasm while I fucked her.  This was not an easy take because it usually took 30 to 40 minutes of slow movement, no interaction (even talking threw her off), a robotic like rhythm that couldn’t have any variation, a lot of patience, and a dick that stays erect.  Although the reward was good for both of our egos, it was just physically and emotionally draining to fail.

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