Your Neighbor Is Probably More Kinky Than Your Favorite Porn Star

your neighbor is a porn starYour Neighbor Is Probably More Kinky Than Your Favorite Porn Star.  

The internet has changed the world.  No longer do you need to hide your father’s old playboy magazine under your bed hoping he doesn’t miss it from his own sticky collection.  The long nights with a Sears lingerie catalog are over.  Sex is everywhere.  And not only is sex everywhere, as an amateur couple you can help other lonely souls struggling for fap material.

The days of buying a 25 year old storage unit and accidentally finding a random VHS tape labeled “mommy and daddy time” just to see amateur sex is over.   Sex is everywhere, girls on webcam, are everywhere, and your neighbor is probably more kinky than your favorite porn star.  

Real Life Sex Is Better Than Porn Sex

The biggest criticism of the porn industry, especially with marriage counselors and these professional (with no credentials)  Reddit therapists, “Porn sex isn’t real.  You can’t have sex like you see in porn.”  Well, now you can.  And couples do.  The dick sizes are real with no trick camera angles, the stamina is real, the sweat is real, the sex is real.  And if you see and an amateur couple live,  you know there is no after effects warping the body parts to be super human.   It’s easier to accept porn as fake than it is to work on your stamina and fuck like a champion.   So hopefully webcams are waking up the woke generation and rather than pushing good sex to the side as something unattainable, couples are bettering their sex lives.  No more excuses? 

There are 1000s of couples out there fucking on camera for free, showing you that not only do they fuck each other with enthusiasm, but they fuck each other just as good as any porn you have ever seen…if not better.  The moans are real.  The effort is real. The orgasms are real. There are no cut scenes or breaks between position changes.  Money isn’t being exchanged for enthusiasm.  The dicks are better.  The women are better.  It’s just real sex being recorded.  And the only thing slightly exaggerated is we tend to do our best while a camera is recording.  And that’s a good thing!  Fuck like a camera is recording.  What’s even better?  No weird gaussian blur that makes sex look like a Lifetime movie.  Amateur couples are the real MVPs.  Salute to all the amateurs out there contributing to the idea that sex can be better than professional porn, if you want it to be.