My Vagina Has A Faucet Valve (Hot Only)

wet vaginaSo I’ve learned how to open the faucet in my vagina and let the fluids flow.  That may sound silly, but it’s not something I’ve known about my whole life.  I’m unsure if my body went into overdrive and started dripping uncontrollably while I was learning to deep throat, or the few rare times prior I would accidentally wet the bed during sex.   Maybe my hormones and body just changed with age, and the urge to want to learn to deep throat a penis I had sucked on for years was also part of that change?  Whatever it is, I can still remember gagging on Ryan’s cock trying to force it down my throat, while my vagina dripped clear froth onto my own ankles.  My body fluids were leaking, I wanted to feel a dick in the bottom of my throat, and I was excited by the idea of wetting the bed like I was a young child with a bladder problem.  I’ve changed so much without really having an explanation.  However, I have learned a position that always gets me soaking wet.

First, I need to straddle Ryan, and his penis needs to be fully erect. In fact, so erect that it has to hurt my body because the head is hitting my back walls.   This is when I will move my body back off his penis, so the head is no longer in the very back, yet the angle is so intense Ryan’s hard shaft grinds the area directly underneath my clitoris.  Some say this is the g-spot.  I’m unsure if that’s true, but this technique opens up my flood gates every time. I once said that if I were a man, this would be the equivalent to me milking my prostate.

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