Threesome Memoirs – What Is A Unicorn?

what is a unicornIn the couples blogging community, more specifically, the sex blogging community, the term lifestyle comes up a lot.  Usually, the word is associated with swingers and the swing lifestyle.  What we do as a couple isn’t swinging, but because I am bisexual and our relationship is open to various women, we can relate a lot of our experiences to other open couples.  Because of this acquaintance, we’ve dealt with the term “unicorn” a lot.   In our lifestyle, and I do consider having female-female-male (FFM) threesomes its own lifestyle, I’d argue the term “unicorn” doesn’t really exist (although we are guilty of using the term).

If the idea of unicorns did exist in our lifestyle, every female we hook up with would be considered a unicorn.  Not only is it not rare, it’s the only activity we participate in.  And until I see a unicorn in real life, you know, a mythical horse with horns, I can’t relate that term to all the naked women that have eaten me out in my bedroom.

For fun, before I came to this conclusion, I browsed around and found different definitions to the term:

Slang for a single, generally bi-sexual female that participates in the lifestyle. Referred to as a “unicorn” because they are so rare.
                                                                                        -Swinger Dictionary

This definition is what helped me make sense of the usage of the term.  Although the following analogy is a bit far-fetched, I think it gets the point across.   Let’s say swingers in the lifestyle are vampires.  Yes, think about swingers as big bad ass vampires that swoon their victims and suck the life from them.  The vampires have their own culture, lifestyle, and sometimes parties where they all get together and celebrate their unique abilities.  A unicorn would be a human girl that hangs out with the vampires.  She doesn’t really want to become a vampire, she doesn’t want to be in a relationship with a guy and be a vampire, she just likes to hang out with vampires and let them have their way with her.  She’s rare because, well, she is human.  Now, what am I?   Because I do not swing and have no interest in fucking other guys or letting Ryan go fuck other girls without me totally involved, I am not a vampire.   I just like to cut myself and see the blood.  Or, I like to bite people and see them in pain, but I do not suck the blood or do everything a vampire does. Since I am not a vampire, I am still human.  Since the human is so rare in the vampire lifestyle, the vampires call her a “unicorn,” but I do not; I call her a girl that’s interested in eating my pussy and sucking Ryan’s dick.   If she does that good, she may even get more.

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