Q&A: My girlfriend asked me if I wanted to have a threesome in front of the other guy.

My girlfriend asked me if I wanted to have a threesome in front of the other guy.

She’s 21 and I’m 25. We were at a party with her friends from high school and out of no where while I was talking to one the guys she went to school with she came up and asked if we could have a three some. I was caught off guard by this and didn’t say anything at first. The other guy said immediately that he was down. I eventually said no and she didn’t bring it up the rest of the party.

On the way home she asked again and I once again said no. Then she told me how hot it would be for both of us and that it would spice our sex life up (which I though was fine). I’ve always dealt with insecurities sexually and she has helped me overcome some of it, but after this it is coming back. Am I in the wrong here for not wanting one or should we try it?

Venice’s response threesome

Even though I have already had threesomes with Ryan and other girls, even now, if he asked me on the spot in front of the another girl, I would be pissed off.  It’s inconsiderate and all communication about your relationship should be done privately.  Especially a bomb shell like that.  I’d seriously consider finding a new girlfriend.

Ryan’s response threesome

You could do 2 things in my opinion.   Break up with her.  For her to ask you in front of the other guy was just a garbage thing to do.  For her to ask him prior to asking  you, was even more garbage.  Your other option is, if you want to see her fucked by 2 dicks before you leave her, say yes.  Have the threesome and break up with her afterwards. I’ve always said I would only have a mmf threesome if I didn’t really care much about the girl.  It’s not something I’d want to experience with a girl I love.