Q&A: To Ryan, What If Your Wife Wanted To Be With Men?


I just joined and read your profile and I am happy about how you are comfortable with your wife being with other women and that you are committed to being only with her. Has it ever come up with her being with other men, and if it did/did not, how would you react?

My ex-wife wanted to have an open marriage in which she could be with men or women, and encourage me to seek out other women. We had a 1 year old son at the time and I profusely said no, despite the tempting offer that I could mess around with other women. She blatantly went against me and dated other men and would tell me how she was ready to fuck them and do many things with them that she wouldn’t do with me. It ensued and eventually led to me filing for divorce on the grounds of infidelity to me after 5 episodes of her fucking other guys and still wanting to maintain a marriage to me. Many people have told me, well if she did it why didn’t you? Well, I’m a one woman guy, and that is part of the marriage bond, is it not? Your wife fucks other women, but you are present….. If you were not present, would you feel as though it was a betrayal against you since she feels equally the same about men and women? Does she date, love, and fuck women outside of your marriage? Why don’t you seek out the opportunity to be with other women- is it your nature not to? If so, why have you both agreed that she can? Help me understand, just seeking some peace with my own decision to divorce my wife since she was with other men, when really she could have been with other women as well (maybe i wouldn’t have felt betrayed?

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