Man Gets Stuck Inside A Cheating Married Woman

police stuck insidePolice had to be called in to restore order after a crowd gathered to see a cheating wife and her lover locked together during sex after the rumor spread that her husband had asked a witch doctor to put a curse on her private parts.

And although medical experts say the embarrassing experience was more likely a case of ‘penis captivus’, in which the woman’s vagina had contracted too much and trapped the man’s penis, they were unable to stop the rumour and the mob had quickly assembled.

Local media said that unfaithful Sasha Ngema, 34, had reportedly been romping with toyboy Sol Qoboza, 22, at a rented apartment in the city of Johannesburg in South Africa while her husband was away on business.

Police had to be called in to restore order after a crowd gathered to see a cheating wife and her lover locked together during sex after the rumour spread that her husband had asked a witch doctor to put a curse on her private parts.

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Q&A: I Haven’t Had Sex With My Wife In 7 Years

3ba6ab1c317844c9716122024fb10f83Hello, my wife and I have been married for 30 years this year. She was 34 and I was 28 when we first got married. When we first met we talked to each other over two hours at a bar (waiting for other friends to show to go to a Sounders game) before I even asked her name. We clicked instantly and spent the week-end together. In six months we were married. She looked like a model, so very beautiful, kind, loving, and smart. She is still beautiful, and I love her soul, at least the part she lets me into.

We are/were hippies, a product of the times and proud of it. I have had image issues in the past due to being born with a cleft-palette (no nose, no roof in my mouth, oversized lower lip, etc.), though this was all corrected beautifully when I was fifteen years old. I was 6′ 2″ when I was in fifth grade but I felt sorry for the kids who made fun of me. Another story for another place.

woodstock1Background; I figured I’ve slept with about 10+ women, my wife told me that she has slept with 300+ people before me. That has not bothered me as it was all before me, actually kind of impressed and a bit of a turn on. I truly believe in “Make Love – Not War” Not an issue, just background info.

In the beginning, the sex was great, communication was flowing non-stop (on the phone with her for five to six hours at a time). An amazing, whirlwind, of a time. Then as the wedding got closer she got sick. It turned out to be morning sickness. She had stopped taking her birth control pills but failed to let me know this fact. Our son, now grown, was born nine months later. He is one of the finest young men I know and I am so happy that he is here. I was hurt at the time about not being let in on the decision. Sex takes a holiday. We have our daughter and another difficult pregnancy. Sex takes a holiday, understandable. After we get the family settled the sex becomes bit more frequent but less emotional on her part, more mechanical. I tried to make suggestions to spice up our love life but was rebuffed on numerous occasions.

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Q&A: To Ryan, What If Your Wife Wanted To Be With Men?


I just joined and read your profile and I am happy about how you are comfortable with your wife being with other women and that you are committed to being only with her. Has it ever come up with her being with other men, and if it did/did not, how would you react?

My ex-wife wanted to have an open marriage in which she could be with men or women, and encourage me to seek out other women. We had a 1 year old son at the time and I profusely said no, despite the tempting offer that I could mess around with other women. She blatantly went against me and dated other men and would tell me how she was ready to fuck them and do many things with them that she wouldn’t do with me. It ensued and eventually led to me filing for divorce on the grounds of infidelity to me after 5 episodes of her fucking other guys and still wanting to maintain a marriage to me. Many people have told me, well if she did it why didn’t you? Well, I’m a one woman guy, and that is part of the marriage bond, is it not? Your wife fucks other women, but you are present….. If you were not present, would you feel as though it was a betrayal against you since she feels equally the same about men and women? Does she date, love, and fuck women outside of your marriage? Why don’t you seek out the opportunity to be with other women- is it your nature not to? If so, why have you both agreed that she can? Help me understand, just seeking some peace with my own decision to divorce my wife since she was with other men, when really she could have been with other women as well (maybe i wouldn’t have felt betrayed?

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