Review: Sonic Sucking Vibrator by Paloqueth

Review: Sonic Sucking Vibrator by Paloqueth

First, the name of this toy is hilarious to me!  No sexy or enticing name like, “The Lady VaCUM” or “The Pleaser”.  Just, the Sonic Sucking Vibrator. Ha!  Straight to the point! 

Anyway, the Sonic Sucking Vibrator is a sexy little toy for us ladies that claims it uses a sucking mechanism that pulls your clitoris up into a silicone cone and vibrates the heck out of it!   This is not the first time I have reviewed a toy with this mechanism.  I love these toys that suck or try to suck and focus on one area of the body.  It’s always a fun and unique experience.  What’s even better, this guy is a lot more affordable than most other toys of the same quality on the market.

Let me first clarify, from my experience, I did not get any suction or sucking sensation from this toy. Regardless of how air tight or hard I press the silicone ring around my clitoris, for me (or nipple for Ryan), it did not suck.  However, it does isolate the body part and vibrate all around it.   If you use a wand or something big and powerful, this product does not give that same sensation.  It gives more of an isolation sensation. Rather than shaking everything in the area, it ping pongs your clitoris around the cone until you either cum or tap out.  I tapped out.

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Review: Womanizer by EPI24

Lieferumfang_W100_magenta_largeThe Womanizer is not your normal woman’s sex toy. When I got the product, I didn’t know that, but after turning it on it didn’t take me long to realize that I wasn’t dealing with your average sex toy that shakes your vagina until you have no choice but to orgasm before your pelvis goes numb. The truth is, a lot of times I will use a product for a review, take mental notes on how it feels, not achieve an orgasm, and throw it to the side and ask Ryan to fuck me so I can get off. This wasn’t one of those times.

w100_magenta_perspektive_largeSo what makes the womanizer different? Well, it has a sort of suction function that pulls your clitoris up inside the soft silicone circle area and only vibrates that exact area. In fact, when my clitoris was inside the suction area, the vibrator was almost completely silent…and so was I. It was like putting my little clit in a straight jacket, then throwing it inside a padded room and letting it bounce against the walls like an insane person.  Ryan knows when to leave me alone. If my eyes close, my free hand instinctively spreads my vulva, I stop breathing, and my head drops back, it’s about to be on.

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