Your Memes, My Thoughts

MemeI’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t have to look online for some silly relationship memes. Why? Because I follow some silly ass people on Facebook who are trigger happy when they post and share stuff from their just-as-relationship-challenged friends.

Recently I saw this awesome little gem on my timeline. It has a picture of a man’s dirty, grimy hand next to a callous-free woman’s hand who we’re to believe belongs to his wife. The caption above the picture states:

“I work daylight to dark. Bust my knuckles, my back and my butt. I hurt all day everyday and take it to the max every second. When I feel like giving up, I just think about my wife and think about how this work is helping our household. There’s not a more important person in my life than her. My hands look like this, so hers can look like that.”

In a perfect world, a man who worked for a women’s sole happiness would, for some gold-digging, lazy chicks, be just that: perfect. However, this photo just has too many implications not to ignore. First, I think it’s safe to assume he’s is just a regular blue collar guy, probably does oil changes for a living, works on cars, or is a plumber. There is absolutely nothing wrong with those jobs, by the way. I loved telling my friends that I was one of two girls in my Auto Mechanics class in high school. There’s not such thing as a bad job. Unless you’re a prostitute, but that’s not really a job because you don’t pay taxes (except in Nevada). Anyway. Second, so if she doesn’t work, what does she do all day? Watch her “programs” and look through Pinterest accounts?

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