The Pushback -The Untalked About Mechanism Used To Create Better Orgasms For Men

The Pushback – The Untalked About Mechanism Used To Create Better Orgasms For Men

The Pushback is a descriptive word that can possibly help you understand the mechanics behind sex and the male orgasm that hasn’t really been discussed before.  And what’s really cool, just understanding The Pushback can possibly help you give you and your partners better orgasms.  So let’s get into the important stuff shall we?

A great example of the mechanisms in action during a man’s orgasm.  The area spasming is the perineum (also known as the guiche/taint).   This is also the base of the penis (under the balls towards the anus) where the prostate is located.


The Pushback, The Mechanism Behind A Man’s Best Orgasm

Fellas, you can make your orgasms much better if you know what exactly is causing them.  Let’s start with a simple example so we can all be on the same page.  Ladies you can follow along too! Make a cylinder with your hand and gently put it around your thumb.  Now move your thumb slowly in and out.  You will feel a slight tickle sensation across your thumb’s surface area.  You will also feel that you have a good sense of all the various textures and ridges in your hand. Now, do the same thing except squeeze your hand tighter around your thumb.  As you move in and out, you will notice that you actually feel less detail of the hand because of the pressure surrounding the thumb as a whole.  However, you can feel the resistance and it is obviously much tighter.  Now ask yourself, why does a tight vagina or anus feel so much better than a loose one?   First, your penis isn’t your thumb.  It is much more sensitive and has very sensitive nerve endings at the tip of the head and frenulum area.  The tight sensation around your penis also creates much more friction as it  rubs through a woman’s walls.  The idea of friction makes immediate sense, because if it’s tighter, it creates more friction and that just better around our penises right?  So this is why tight pussy feels better?

Not so fast… Sex Secrets Slowed Down

There is more.  Go back to putting your hand around your thumb and squeezing.  As you move in and out, I want you to pay attention to the knuckle at the base of your thumb.  In fact, you can actually visually watch your knuckle respond to the motion as you move your thumb in and out of the hand.   The tighter you squeeze, the more resistance, the more you will see that thumb knuckle move around the base of your thumb.  That is what we call “The Pushback.”  And that knuckle in comparison to your penis, is your prostate.  

If you are following along, I feel like this is the moment the light bulb goes off in your head and you have just been awoken.   It’s that simple.  Something that has never been put into words or talked about, makes all the sense in the world when you finally hear it.   Let me let you take your time to register that example for a second. The  untold Sex Secrets.

Before we go further, let me explain various things that most men enjoy, but never knew why.

When a man orgasms, his instinct causes him to push as deep as he can while inside her vagina.  This urge to get as deep as possible, whether it be hitting the bottom, or the erection and the woman’s pubic bone (certain angles — especially missionary), creates a huge Pushback while we orgasm.  Maybe the Pushback is nature’s way to make sure the penis is as deep as possible to ensure pregnancy.  This mechanism makes our orgasms so much better.  And believe it or not, most men subconsciously move their bodies to create this sensation, without ever knowing what they are doing!!! 

Unfortunately nature didn’t realize that sometimes we would be cumming in a females mouth, so our instincts makes us grab the girls head and push our cocks down their throats as we release.  Some people may think this is some sort of power trip, but for me, it’s the need to feel something push hard against my prostate while I release.  That definitely happens when you hit the back of a throat.

When getting deepthroat or fucking a girls face, our penises hit the tighter hole in the back of a girls mouth, the tonsil area, and creates a slight resistance before it pushes through.  If a girl tenses up and has a gag reflex, it won’t push through, but the pushback mechanism is still the same.  Sometimes it even feels better when it can’t slide through, because it mimics the bottom of a vagina and thus has a greater pushback. This is one of the best feelings in the world.  In fact, I will pull out just enough so that my penis head passes through that tight hole in the back of my partner’s throat each stroke.  Although some of it has to do with the friction and texture, a lot of it has to do with the resistance.  I instinctively always tried to find resistance so my prostate gets massaged during oral sex. 

Maybe this is why some men have so much trouble orgasming through oral sex? 

If you read various questions from men, a lot of times you will hear complaints about how they just can’t seem to orgasm through oral sex.  Well, the pushback may be the explanation.  If a woman is scared of her gag reflex and purposely decides to keep the penis from hitting the back of her throat, this would not give the pushback sensation needed to orgasm.  Your prostate is kind of left in the air, with no real stimulation.  This is also a good argument for why a woman should use her hands, especially if she can’t use her throat.

Having a better understanding of the pushback mechanism will help you and your significant other create better orgasms.  If you are scared of your gag reflex or do not feel comfortable with a penis down your throat, use your hands while giving a blow job to help create The Pushback.  A lot of times the answer to men not having orgasms is because a woman will not use her hands properly.   Well, it’s not just because it looks sexy to see a girl using her hands, the hands create the pushback a man’s body needs to get the orgasm sensation.  This also explains why some men get a condition called, the death-grip syndrome.  The harder they squeeze while erect, the stronger the pushback.  You could probably ask a 100 men why they squeeze so hard when they masturbate, and more than likely they wouldn’t know, other than it feels better, like a tight ass or pussy.  This also explains why some men prefer anal sex.  And also why gay men are totally satisfied with the hole they get to fuck.  The pushback mechanism is real.

The pushback gets lost in porn because porn focuses on visuals, not mechanisms.

I think possibly porn has dumbed us down a bit.  Rather than men seeing a messy blow job with a woman gagging, and understanding, “Wow, all that pushback from her jarring the shaft down her throat with that type of force would make me cum so fast.”   Instead he sees it as something extreme visually that in turn, turns him on.   Lost in translation. He seeks the visuals rather than understanding the sensations.  It then turns into, “He just wants a blow job like he sees in porn.  Porn sex is so fake!” 

Below you can see the Pushback mechanism as the penis slides down her throat.  You can visually see the shaft bend with the pressure.  This creates an extremely pleasurable pushback. 

Why does it feel so much better when I am turned on and totally erect?

If your penis is extremely erect, to the point you feel like it can’t get much harder, this obviously makes your orgasms much better.  The more erect your penis is, the more Pushback you will get from masturbation or sex.   For me personally, the more erect I get, the less friction I feel, the less the tightness matters because I can slice through steel when my dick is rock hard.  However, the erection goes down to the base of my dick and any movement I make, puts a lot of pressure on my prostate.  Am I painting a clear picture yet? I feel like I am starting to beat a big horse here.  Or is that a dead horse?  Whatever, same thing.  

If you notice, right before you orgasm, you will be at your absolute hardest you can possibly be.  This is your body’s natural reaction to making sure your prostate gets the most pushback possible.  The harder you are, the more stimulation the prostate receives.   

A lot of men use medications to get a more erect penis, even without erectile disfunction.  Some women may misinterpret this as the man can no longer get erections on his own, but that usually isn’t the case.  A lot of men on drugs like Viagra and Cialis can get erections, but not that 100% they used to get.  I do not think it’s a disfunction, it’s more of sex and a vagina just isn’t as exciting as it was the first 3,000 times we played in it.  We can get erect, but to get that erection that makes our orgasms 100 times better, sometimes medications are needed.  There is nothing worse than an orgasm when you are only 80% erect.  Why?  Lack of pushback.  

Again, this may also explain why we get the “Death Grip Syndrome” and some of us use “Prone Masturbation” to create better orgasms.

The Prostate and The Pushback

If this type of article still has your attention, then you have probably read various articles/experiences on how amazing prostate orgasms feel.  Some men like to share their experiences on how they can orgasm without even touching their penis, just from having their prostate massaged through their anus.  They also claim that these are the most amazing orgasms they have ever had.  Well, just know, each time you have sex or masturbate, you are also massaging your prostate though the pushback mechanism.  The tighter you squeeze, the more pushback you get.  Bottoming out in a vagina?  Pushback.  The harder you pound, the harder the pushback.  This idea may make you realize that massaging your prostate may be overrated, or maybe help you with achieving orgasms through other mechanisms because rubbing your prostate from your anus isn’t really any different than rubbing it with your erect penis.  You aren’t really doing something totally out of this world that your body doesn’t already feel.   You’re just massaging the same little button, but adding the feeling of having a finger shoved up your anus, which in itself has a totally different sensation you do not get through typical sex.   I personally do not enjoy the sensations that go along with having my anus penetrated, but a lubricated  finger carefully going inside my anus (without the fucking motion once inside), gently rubbing directly on the prostate, can make for a good orgasm.  

How did we discover the pushback mechanism?

This is an interesting question.  We were always curious how larger dicks fit inside a smaller woman.  From my experience, I can take my index finger and simply move it around Venice and feel her cervix, her back walls, and even explore the small cave area (posterior fornix).  It has been noted that Asian women, on average, have the most shallow vaginas.  You don’t really hear much about a woman being shallow, just if she is tight or not.  Once you realize how the pushback works, maybe you will be able to appreciate other things about a woman  you have never heard talked about in locker rooms before. Much like a penis size, the depth of the woman probably varies from girl to girl.   It also varies according to race.    

With that said, it still left questions.  How can her vagina be so shallow, but I still push all of my dick inside of her.   I mean, I have slammed myself inside her as hard as I can, balls deep, and I am much longer than 4 inches.

First, the vagina canal can relax and get longer when a woman is turned on.  This is nature’s way to accommodate an erect penis.   Much like a penis gets longer, so can the vaginal canal.  And some women just don’t get as long as others.  So what does that mean for you?  It means, depending on your size and her size, the pushback can vary.  And if you aren’t long enough to bottom out, tightness WILL matter. 


So what if she is shallow and you are long?

As I was saying, I am sure you have watched porn and sat there wondering how a girl can take so much dick.  Well, technically she is not.  It’s a magic trick.  Yes, she takes as much dick as her body allows, but I’d say 1/3rd of that shaft is going back into the man’s body and massaging his own prostate.   

For those men that may not bottom out, you can still create a pushback sensation by pulling your penis all the way out and using her labia and entrance as a sort of tighter hole that can give you the pushback sensation.    Or you could just try anal.

We’ll leave that one alone for now… sex Secrets

Size Matters?

On another related note, there have been a lot of women that say men with smaller dicks fuck much better, last longer, and learn to use their tool perfectly to make up for the lack of size.  There may be an actual physical reason for that phenomenon.  Yes, a lot of it has to do with a smaller man more willing to learn to please a woman better without depending on the size of his penis.  But he is at a HUGE advantage. He can penetrate for hours not having to deal with any pushback.  He can massage a woman’s walls, no bottoming out, no pushback, no massaging of his own prostate, which would help him last much longer.  So, for men that pride themselves in going for hours, having no pushback may be a major determining factor.  This could be seen as a blessing, as that man can jack rabbit for hours without getting any stimulation that triggers his prostate to release his orgasm.  A longer man would have a much harder time doing this, simply because he can bruise his own prostate trying to “jack rabbit”, and he is getting much more pushback with simple small motions in the bottom of his woman’s vagina.  

You could make an argument that longer men may tend to be more of minute men, but I couldn’t find any studies on this.

Myth Busters

So all this jibber jabber should make one thing clear.   There is nothing special about prostate orgasms that normal orgasms don’t experience.  I know that will piss off a lot of guys with smelly fingers, but it’s the truth.  And yes, I’ve had both.  There are various types of ways to put pressure on your prostate.  A finger.  Another man’s penis.  A toy.  And the original method, your own dick. Don’t get me wrong, every variation is beautiful and has it’s own perks, but it’s easy to mislead guys into thinking that having an everyday orgasm can’t be as intense as a prostate orgasm.  That just isn’t true.   So we will destroy a myth, but at the same time, help couples and men achieve better orgasms because they can properly understand the mechanics behind it.    Since I haven’t read anything on The Pushback and sometimes we just make up shit to blog about, I may write future articles regarding this topic.

We went into so many various ideas based off The Pushback, that we will probably revisit each idea separately in future blogs.   Sex Secrets

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Serious research. It was informative to read.

Myths exist in order to destroy them.

Your point of view caught my eye and was very interesting. Thanks. I have a question for you.

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