The Quad – An Introduction Into Their Polyamory Lifestyle

polyamoryIntroducing:  The Quad.

We have asked four friends (The Quad) who are in a polyamory relationship with each other to share some of their experiences with our readers. How exactly we will do this, we are not quite sure. The difficulty in organizing four separate people, who all have their own respective blogs (linked below in the descriptions of themselves), isn’t easy. Which is exactly why we have asked them to share their experiences. If maintaining a productive blog that makes sense to our readers is tough, imagine maintaining an actual relationship with 4 people, while also dating others outside of The Quad? I assume this is a huge challenge.

We will title any blogs from this series with the header, “The Quad – (Blog Title Here)”.

Meet The Quad.

Venice and Ryan have asked us to participate in their blog. Of, course, we are honoured by this invitation. The first thing we should do is introduce ourselves.

There are four of us in our relationship and we form what we call our quad. In fact, we just celebrated our third “quadversary” – this a word that Krys made up when we hit our first year anniversary. The guys, Gunnar and Bob, are straight, Lexxi is bisixeual with a preference to guys, and Krys is heteroflexible.

Gun and Krys are legally married as are Bob and Lexxi, but we have all iterated that if it were legal to marry more than one person, we would seriously consider it. We do consider ourselves intertwined as such often referring to our other partners as poly spouses.

We all have different likes and kinks when it comes to sex.

  • Bob ( is a voyeur, photographer, sadist, sexual explorer, you name it he has thought of it and probably tried it. Out of the group he is the one that will push the borders and pull the group along (with full consent of course). He is also the one that probably seeks out group play the most. Bob is Dom to both Lexxi and Krys and takes great pleasure in pushing their limits and borders. As he likes to say; it’s not the destination that matters but the journey.
  • Krys ( is one of Bob’s subs. She is still discovering her submissive side and is finding that she is masochistic. She loves the pain and marks on her body. Krys also has a boyfriend outside of the quad.
  • Lexxi ( is a sensualist sub who likes to be restrained. She doesn’t mind pain but doesn’t necessarily like marks left on her body. She does like having her limits pushed, gently. She hates to admit it, but she is realizing she’s a service sub, however doesn’t think she’s very good at it. She doesn’t enjoy cleaning house, but she does take pleasure in making sure everyone’s needs are met. Everyone meaning her Sir, her poly hubby, her sister sub, and any guests that come into her home.
  • Gun ( is the most vanilla in our quad. He isn’t into kinky sex but has dabbled with the group to have an understanding. He can be a verbal Dom when situation presents itself. His other fetishes is new blood. To experience new women (well, new to him, that is). Currently has a few other relationships outside of the quad.

We have noticed over the last year or so, when we meet new people or go out in public, people often question who is with who within our quad and find that quite amusing.

We are all parents. Bob and Lexxi have a 23 yr old girl and a 24 year old boy. Both of them are fully aware of their lifestyle choices and have been very good about it, often helping out with Krys and Gun’s boys, who are 14 & 11, when they tag along to visit Bob and Lexxi. Krys and Gun’s kids don’t know the full extent of their relationships yet, but do understand that we’re important to each other.

There is 500km/300 miles between our respective homes, so we try very hard to make sure we get together on a monthly(ish) basis. This is challenging in the sense that everything has to be planned out. The distance doesn’t make it easy for spontaneous activities.

So after reading that last paragraph, I am sure you are now wondering how we met. Short answer… twitter. Bob and Krys started chatting on Twitter about common subjects along with another group of people. It was suggested to organize a meet and greet in Niagara Falls, Ontario. We all agreed to go and the rest is history.

We have also expressed ourselves in our own personal blogs. They range in topics from the lifestyle to personal feelings/experiences.

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whoa. sounds like drama to me! in!

With any relationship there is a chance for drama. The key is open communication. I have blogger and harped on this point extensively. Everything is open between us. Nothing is hidden and because of this the chance for drama is reduce dramatically.