A Big Thanks To Brixton for giving us cyber love!

atwoodBlogging online for us has been somewhat unthankful, but as long as we had an archive of our thoughts and adventures saved on the interwebz, we were complacent. That was our only goal. Not to have advertisements, not to sell sex toys or review them (oops), and not to make top lists from other bloggers. Not that we didn’t want to get a pat on the back from other bloggers, we just really had no idea there was a community out there, and thank goodness for that, because we would have known how much we suck a long time ago!

But hey, every now and then we do catch someones eye, and of course we are extremely grateful for that. Just to know someone out there gets us as a couple, or at least was entertained by us, makes the whole last year of updating twice a week worth it. We also got turned on to 3 other bloggers that really peak our interest!

Thanks Brixton!


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A Big Thanks To Brixton for giving us cyber love! https://t.co/Ai5uEfwZh2 via @venicebloggs

Yay you made a list! Awesome job, I’ve always loved what you do and most importantly, how you both do it. I also just found Girly Juice today too and I’m happy you both made the cut!

Thank you!

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