V’s Wet Inbox: Can You Post A Picture For Me?

shy02“My husband and I are such fans of your blog. My husband LOVES my beautiful brown ass and keeps telling me I should post a ass wednesday pic. Me being the shy girl I am would like to post it anonymously and was wondering if you could post it for me. We follow you on twitter and if you like the pic as much as we do please do us the honor of posting it for us.”

I received an e-mail from a woman (who will remain anonymous) stating that she and her husband were readers and followers of our blog. She said her husband (to whom she sends naughty pictures while he’s at work) loves her beautiful, brown ass and urges her to post an “Ass Wednesday” picture on Twitter, but she was too shy.  She then asked if I would do her the honor of posting it for her.  I e-mailed her back immediately: “I would love to.”

To whoever submitted this picture, I have a few things to say.

First, kudos to you for sending naughty pictures to your husband. It’s these little gestures that ensure a wife stays on her man’s mind even when they aren’t in physical proximity of each other.  My husband and I work just a few miles from each other. But that’s irrelevant. We could be across the country. A woman knows that sending dirty pictures is equivalent to whispering “I want you” into his ear. I “whisper” to him several times a day. Then when we get home, I tell him in person.

shy01Second, I understand that you’re shy and some of it may be fear of rejection by others who see your picture. But there is one thing I can promise you: there will be more people who will compliment you than there will be who put you down. When it happens to me, I take it in stride and remember that the only person who should be concerned about my pictures is my husband. After posting my first picture, I realized quickly that there were women out there who were just like us: we choose to remain anonymous while showing off our most intimate parts of our body. I was very skeptical and cringed at the possibility of being made fun of for wanting to be sexy. But when I saw that Twitter was full of normal, average women like myself who loved being amateur, anonymous exhibitionists, it became fun. I learned to use Twitter and other social media platforms as a way to show my husband that although there were people who liked seeing my pictures, he was the only to get it in the flesh.

Third, as a lover of women’s asses, I think yours is fabulous!  It’s full, round, and so damn juicy!  Show it off to the world!

In being asked to post her picture, the honor is mine!  I hope you enjoy seeing her ass as much as I do.

Will you do me a favor: cheer her on and let her know we’re “behind” her every step of the way!

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Truly. Spectacular 🙂

Thank you so much Venice!!! I was thrilled to see I made your weekly wet inbox! Hopefully soon I will be able to come out of my shell.

Still Blushing from your compliments 🙂

Very sexy indeed 🙂