Snapshot Wednesdays – Dedication

DedicationWe have decided to add erotic photography of us to our blog each Wednesday, now known as Snapshot Wednesday.  These won’t be low quality candids or shots taken from our cell phones, these will be photographs we love from our own little photo shoots.  Hopefully these pictures will come out more like tasteful erotic art rather than amateur pornography.  We will update the gallery each week with a new photo to share with our blog followers.

This week we have named our photo “Dedication.”   This photo was from our first photo shoot, which was around 600 different pictures taken.  Although for us it seems a bit dated, I still feel like it captures a good moment.

What does that feel like for him?  Does it hurt?  Does it spin as it goes down his shaft?  Does it feel weird in your mouth?   When he cums is it like a water mill? 

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These pictures are truly erotic. Beautiful composition, lighting and subjects. Thank you for sharing x