Yes Men, Women Do Notice When You Glance At Our Breasts

Yes Men, Women Do Notice When You Glance At Our Breasts

For the record, Ryan and I used our own photos for this blog!  Humble brag / We notice you looking!

I remember when I was younger and one of my brothers friend’s came over to help with my computer.  I had just gotten out of the shower and was wearing a tank top with no bra.  As I walked into my room I saw my brother and my brother’s friend sitting near my computer working on it.  Well, my brother was…his friend couldn’t stop staring at my braless breast.  I noticed.  I shrugged it off and decided to mess with him since he was being a little pervert.  I walked over near the desk and leaned down near his face to point at something on my computer screen and asked, “Is this supposed to be there?”  Although I didn’t check, I assume this would have put my cleavage on full display for him, since he couldn’t keep his eyes off them from afar.  He blushed and tried his hardest to keep his eyes focus on me and my finger.  I laughed to myself and left the room.  

We notice fellas.  Some of us do it on purpose, some of us don’t, but most of us still notice when a guy’s eyes glance at our breasts.  Below we have gathered various responses from women (and men) that were asked, “Do women notice when men look at there breasts?”

Yes. I definitely notice. I think for the most part it is ok and I take it as a compliment. I had breast implants a few years ago so I suppose if I said I didn’t like the attention that would be a bit hypocritical. Like most girls, when I put on an outfit and it really makes my boobs pop and look awesome I feel great and I suppose its natural if I like how they look so would a guy. As long as nothing offside is happening (like Ive had guys sneak a handful of my tits in crowded areas) I think its ok.

My wife’s nipples are always prominent and guys check her out all the time. Its flattering since we are not young. She totally does not notice but I do.

Oh, she totally notices too!  lol


Yeah, and I realize it’s normal to notice breasts and take a glance at them. However, when someone blatantly stares at my chest I feel very uncomfortable.

Staring is just creepy and makes us feel uncomfortable.  No man has ever stared at a woman’s breast, without making any effort to hide it, and made a good impression.  It just seems extremely perverted and cringe.  

I’m Male, but from what my female friends have told me, a quick glance is generally fine, it’s when it gets into staring territory when it is creepy and rude.

Also, yeah my girlfriend looks and talks about other girl’s boobs probably more than I do.

Women look at another woman’s breast just as much as men do, if not more!  I am not ashamed of that.  I’ve never been able to keep my eyes off a woman and her cleavage.   It don’t think it turns me on, but it definitely makes me feel a certain type of way.  Maybe jealous, but not hateful.  Possibly it subconsciously makes me consider the woman more attractive, and curious.  Even when I didn’t know I was bisexual, I still looked.  I probably would liken it to men seeing another man with a huge penis, and almost looking up to him simply because his dick is big.  

Yes, we notice. I don’t mind if it happens once and you quickly glance away. But if I’m having a conversation with you and I repeatedly notice you stealing a glance at my boobs, it’s annoying!


Definitely notice. It’s sad and annoying that just when glancing at women the first instinct is to look towards the chest. Iv seen guys do this even when walking with other women that look to be their SO. It’s almost like it doesn’t even phase them it’s just normal to direct their glance towards boobs. I’m sure this happens with butts too but no one notices as often


You can definitely notice, I would say just try not to stare for too long and if you are don’t make it so noticeable I suppose then it can get creepy real quick.


Yes I notice. It’s not involuntary on your part, take responsibility for yourself. It doesn’t bother me as long as it’s not gawking. I think a lot of women feel that way. How do you feel if a girl looks at your package? Not a gorgeous fantasy girl, and average joe?

I’m not sure about this comment.  I think a lot of people do accidentally glance, simply because a lot of men get intimidated by eye contact…especially from an attractive woman. A lot of shy guys will look down, or look away, when a woman they find attractive talks to them.   Unfortunately our breasts are in the eyes line of fire when a man is looking away.  And it may appear they are getting a sneak peak, but really they are just shy and uncomfortable and trying to find something else to look at, rather than make eye contact.

I notice. I don’t mind. Men have been looking at my boobs since I first got them in middle school.

As you can see, it’s pretty unanimous.  Women notice, women have always noticed, and most women are fine with it as long as you don’t stare.  Staring is creepy.  On the flip side of the coin, do men notice when a woman looks at his chest hair?  I only ask that because for the most part, I do not believe women really look at a man’s chest hair, let alone see it as sexual on a stranger.  However, when it’s my man’s chest hair, I am extremely turned on.  If you are a lady reading this blog and would like to chime in on that idea, please do.  Do you look at a strange man’s chest hair and find it attractive?   Or do you enjoy seeing chest hair, as long as it is on the guy you admire and love.  For me, chest hair is extremely sexy, but only on the guy I love.  With guys I don’t know, I am kind of grossed out when I see chest hair.  Weird huh?

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