Your Penis Size Compared To An Average Woman’s Body

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Penis Size with Comparisons To A Woman’s Body

The perception of penis size has become very warped. This is the result of a number of factors, including the advent of pornography, photography, photomanipulation, men that lie about their size, racism, and dishonest reporting of the penis size. This blog aims to change a few misconceptions about penis size through photos that compare a various sizes to a woman’s body.  

When one is looking to learn about the world, generalizations are fundamental. Those generalizations will be presented without citation. The strength of this blog is not the interpretation of scientific data.  We will simply post photos and let the photos be the research.

Let’s begin with the reality of the average Penis Size

The global average penis size is 5.1 – 5.5 inches (14 cm), and most likely toward the smaller end of this scale.  

Five point five inches. Five and a half inches. 5 1/2 inches.

5.5 in

5.5 inches



Sometimes different averages come up, because most sample sizes are random.   It would also depend on the location.  Sometimes it’s 4.9 inches, 5.1 inches, sometimes it’s 5.6 inches or even 6.1 inches.  What’s interesting is, if you took the time to research and average all the results with each other, your average would still be in the 5.5 inch range.   So for this articles sake, let’s go with the idea that the average human penis is typically about 5.5 inches long.

Accurately measuring your Penis Size

There is a right way to measure your penis is called Bone-Pressed Erect Length. To find your measurement you will first need to be erect.  Once erect, stand up, lay a hard ruler flat along the top of your penis, and push the ruler in towards your pubic bone. Try to straighten out any curve by gently pulling on the tip of your glans.  The farthest point the ruler reads is your standardized erect length.

Bone-Pressed Erect Length (BPEL) Steps:

  1. Start on the top side of your erect penis (the side of the penis facing up towards you when you look down). 
  2. Put the end of your ruler or measuring tape at the base of the penis, right up against the pubic bone (where the penis meets the body). If you have a curve, slightly straighten it by gently grabbing the tip of your glans.  Be sure to push past any excess fat or pubic hair so the ruler is right up against the bone. 
  3. Measure in a straight line from the pubic bone to the tip of the penis. 


That’s your actual penis length. According to a 2015 study, the average flaccid length is 3.6 inches, while the average length of an erect penis is 5.17 inches (Veale, 2015).  If you do any other technique, like not pressing against the fat, or measuring along the side or along the bottom, or reading the curve of a measuring tape down your glans, you are doing it wrong.

Why do some resources tell you to measure differently to get your penis size?

Here is your number 1 result from Google explaining how to properly measure your penis, which actually describes a totally improper method:

Here’s the(in)correct process on how to measure penis length:

  1. Grab a ruler or tape measure.
  2. Begin by putting the end at the tip of your penis.
  3. Measure in a straight line from the penis head, down the shaft, and then to the tip of your pubic bone.
  4. Don’t press the pubic bone, and push past any excess fat or pubic hair that may get in the way.
  5. Get the measurement at the pubic bone and note it down. That’s your real measurement.


This is incorrect.  Because every person has a different sized FUPA  (fat upper pubic area), you would have inaccurate measurements that will change with weight loss / weight gain.   If a guy is overweight with 7 inches bone pressed erect length, his fat pad on his pubic bone would hide some of his penis size.  If a guy is skinny who is 7 inches bone pressed erect length, he will not have much fat on his pubic area and may measure closer to 7 inches (his measurement would be closer to his bone pressed erect length).  Does this mean the guy with less fat has a bigger 7 inch dick?  Maybe in a sense of what can penetrate a woman, but scientifically, measuring from the pubic bone would be an absolute size that ignores the FUPA, the weight of the man, or his genetics regarding the fat on his pubic bone area.  Therefore, bone pressing would be the only way to accurately measure a man’s penis, because his size will not change depending on his weight.  Even though the chubby guy with 7 inches may only be able to penetrate a woman with 4 to 5 inches, depending on his FUPA, he still measures 7 inches from his pubic bone.   If he lost weight, the size that penetrates would change.  However, his bone pressed erect length would remain the same.  And this is why bone pressed erect length is the most accurate way to measure a penis.

The reasons behind the misinformation on how to measure penis size.

Why do people insist on non-bone-pressed erect length measurements?  Some of the reason is insecurity.  A lot of guys need to see porn stars or others and focus on the length that penetrates the woman.  It is common for a man to use his bone-pressed measurement as his size, while telling his own ego or partner the length of a porn star non-bone-pressed.  This gives his own ego and/or partner a warped perception of his size or how porn has camera tricks that make them look so huge.  Porn does have camera tricks, but most porn stars are also well above average.  If his penis is 7 inches bone-pressed, and a popular porn star that is huge measures 7 inches non-bone-pressed, most people do not know the difference.  It’s misleading, but it would be the truth in a weird warped way.   

Other reasons studies use the non-bone-pressed erect length measurement is because the study is being done by a research team that is working in the condom industry.  They would not need to study the dick that all the way to your fat pad when developing condoms, just the useable shaft. So they tend to focus on non-bone-pressed erect length more than your actual size.

No legitimate study would ever consider using anything other than the bone-pressed method simply because it would make no sense to judge a person’s dick size with body weight and body fat being a variable that can change a man’s size.  And what sense does it make to use a control that can change depending on what you ate that week?

A Popular photo that floats around various communities that judge measurements the same way shoe collectors inspect “real or fake” shoes posts online.  Yes, it’s that serious.

Other than the zero-end rule being flawed, this photo is still a great example of the different ways men measure.  Again, measure however you want and show your woman all the best sizes, but just do not post online!  You can’t beat the internet.  It will be criticized if you do not check all those boxes. Personally, I and many others disagree with the zero-end rule.  The fat pad in the pubic area varies with different men, especially depending on your weight.   A larger man may have more fat than a skinny guy, so you’d need to press to the bone.  Which is the entire concept of a bone-press measurement, it will NOT change.  This extra fat may block the zero-end.  The zero-end visible seems to be a very strict way of measuring for those that study dicks, dick sizes, and dick measuring techniques like astrophysicists study the universe.  

So what does an accurately measured 6.25 inch penis look like on an average woman?

Here is what the 6.25 inch erect penis from the photo above looks like scaled accurately and compared to a woman 5’4″ and 110-115 lbs.  For the record, 5’4 is the average height for women.   As with all averages, there are shorter and taller, but on average, women are 5’4 tall.  Look at the comparison of a 6 inch penis covering a woman of average height.  This 6 inch size can obviously give an average height woman all the deep penetration she desires.

The good news to measuring your dick size with the Bone-Pressed Erect Length Method?   Your penis will measure much longer bone pressed than non-bone-pressed.  This can help most men who are having confidence issues because they measure just what they see rather than their entire penis.    

Illogical Penis Size

not likely penis sizeThis penis appears to be measured properly (noted: no zero-end visible), but it doesn’t seem to scale accurately to the ruler on our 5’4 model.  However, we still did a side by side to show how this extreme outlier sized penis would probably stab into a woman’s aorta artery during sex.   Because there is not a zero-end visible, the photo will start with the measurements lined up to the models ruler (and have an awkward space of nothing at her entrance).  Other than having a trophy between your legs, oral sex and full penetrative sex would never be possible.  Personally I do not believe this ruler is accurate or the penis has been photoshopped, but again, this  shows how this type of manipulation warps the perception of the penis size. 


Erect Girth of Penis Size

How to find your erect girth. Use a tailor’s measuring tape (soft) to measure the circumference of the thickest point of your penis, excluding the glans. You can also use a piece of paper or string and mark the string at the point it connects.   Then translate the measurement to a hard ruler. This is your erect girth. 

Prior to an orgasm your penis will be at it’s most erect and be at it’s thickest.  This is also when some women claim they orgasm, because they feel the penis get extremely thick and hard, as well as the glans, and this triggers the penetrative orgasm.  Psychologically, they also know you are about to cum inside them, which can turn them on enough to send them over the edge with you.  This is nature at work.  In the photo shared you can see the penis gets to 5.75 girth but the glans gets upward to 6 inches of girth.  Although you are not measuring the glans (because of the shape), the women will still feel the full 6 inches of girth moving deep inside their bodies.

I can feel the length and girth during sex, but the details are all kind of blurry.   I can’t really tell exactly where the penis is inside me, but I feel it.  However, when a man is about to cum, I can clearly feel everything that is happening to his penis.  I can feel the head get way thicker and hard, the shaft get extremely erect, and this sensation almost automatically triggers an orgasm inside me.  Even if I don’t cum, my insides start twitching, which continue to twitch after he pulls out.  I’ve had what I call “phantom” dick orgasms after sex, because my cervix is still twitching and I get this warm rush that flows through my body.   I will usually just rub my clit and wait for the twitching to subside.

So to get an accurate measurement of your full girth,  you can use a clamp at the bottom of your penis, a cock ring, or just squeeze the base and let the blood feel up your shaft.   Then measure.

What is the reality of penis size? 

If you need to see what average penises look like in a pornographic context, visit or

The chart below are how the statistics fall. This is a distribution chart. It has no y axis because it’s already understood that a higher y value represents a greater incidence of that x value. The x axis maps to bone pressed erect length.

The average is 5.5 inches. You can see that the range of penises generally includes everyone somewhere between 3 inches and 8 inches. Outside of this range are extremely rare outliers (which the porn industry tends to search for when looking for men to perform in their videos). You can see that the standard deviation is pretty tight at ~.7 inches. You can see that plus or minus one standard deviation covers the lengths between 5 and 6 inches. This range of plus or minus one standard deviation covers 68% of the population. Think about that. Almost 70% of men have a penis between 5 and 6 inches, bone pressed.

Plus or minus 2 standard deviations covers 95% of men. Think about that. How many men do you know? How many men do you meaningfully interact with in the course of a normal week? You’d have to look around to find a man who is the 1 in 20 who falls outside of that range of 4.1 inches to 6.9 inches. On reflection, 95% of men are inside of 4 to 7 inches.

Plus or minus 3 standard deviations covers 99.7% of men. You would have to search for a long time to find a man who is the 1 in 335 men who falls outside that range of 3.4 inches to 7.6 inches. And that’s on either side of that range. If you wanted to find a man who was on the large side, you would cut the probability in half; you’d be looking for the 1 in 666 men who is larger than 7.6 inches.

Now let’s measure the girth of the penis

The average erect girth is 4.6 inches. You can see that the range of girths generally includes everyone somewhere between 2.8 inches and 6.4 inches. Outside of this range are extremely rare outliers. You can see that the standard deviation is even tighter at ~.6 inches. You can see that plus or minus one standard deviation covers the girths 4 and 5.2 inches. This range of plus or minus one standard deviation covers 68% of the population. About 70% of men have a girth between 4 inches and 5 1/4 inches.

Plus or minus 2 standard deviations covers 95% of men. You’d have to look around to find a man who is the 1 in 20 who falls outside of that range of 3.4 inches to 5.8 inches.

Plus or minus 3 standard deviations covers 99.7% of men. You would have to search for a long time to find a man who is the 1 in 335 men who falls outside that range of 2.8 inches to 6.4 inches. And that’s on either side of that range. If you wanted to find a man who was on the thick side, you’d be looking for the 1 in 666 men who is thicker than 6.4 inches.

That can’t possibly be right.  

Subjects who have a micropenis or consider themselves exceptionally below average would probably not be interested in participating in these types of studies, due to self confidence issues.  Moreover, those with larger penises tend to be more willing to participate in any study that measures their penises.  The psychology behind having your body measured would lean more towards the willingness of guys with more confidence and larger penises agreeing to be measured for science. Bring you back to the gym locker room days?  This would also leave these studies average size results higher than the actual average size of a penis.  Does that make sense?

If you find your length and girth on the upper end of these average measurements, you may want to look into buying larger condoms.  You’d be surprised how much more comfortable a condom that actually fits feels.

To automatically calculate where you fall along these distributions, visit .

Where do they find those giant porn dicks?  

Much like those studies above, larger men tend to be the guys auditioning for porn.  Trust me when I tell you, the porn industry isn’t finding a “needle in a haystack” here.  The needle (the first time these horse dicks have ever been called needles) literally jumps out in front of of these porn producers and beg to be hired to bang porn stars all day.  And larger men definitely get hired to do scenes more often that not.  Most of these men have a lot of confidence (big penis energy), a large ego, and a dick size to match. And with this confidence (and Cialis), they have no issues performing or getting erect with people watching.   These guys get hired.   But there are also a lot of actors who have 6 to 8 (passed off as 9 to 10) inch penises and perform with extremely small actresses.  With the right camera angles, good presentation and body type, and very small females, a 7 inch penis is passed off as 9 inches.  Putting a 7 inch penis against a tiny female actress, the deception can be quite impressive.


This is the same porn star in all three pics.  On the side he is with the pornstar Mini Stallion, who is 4 ft 4.  In the middle is him with Mellanie Monroe (5 ft 9), Chloe Temple (5 ft 3), and Seka Black.

Please visit r/measuredpornstars for an in depth disillusionment of camera tricks in pornography.

Hands and Penis Size

The effect of differently sized hands on the apparent size of a penis is drastic but not well known. In the chart below, notice how a large male hand can be more than 4 inches wide, and a small female hand, like those of porn actresses, is smaller than 3 inches. See the comparison of a male large to a female small.

The result of this difference can be dramatic:


A 7 inch penis can look mostly unimpressive in a large male hand. In a small female hand, it can appear sensational.

Body Size

Height and body type can have the same effect on apparent penis size. A large penis will look commonplace on a large man. It will look shocking on a small ectomorph.

The upper and lower extremes were included to emphasize the effect.

Understanding Sizes

Most people have a terrible understanding of what these sizes can actually mean in the real world. Girth in particular is more obscure. A few Reddit users were helpful enough to show us how these numbers play out.

We begin with the control. Her hands are 3.5 inches wide, which is a female large in our earlier chart.

Here is a girth of 3 inches:


Here is a girth of 4 inches:

Here is a girth of 4.5 inches:

Here is a girth of 5 inches:

Here is a girth of 5.5 inches:

Here is a girth of 6 inches:

Here is a girth of 6.5 inches:


Here is a girth of 7 inches:

Penises are not perfectly circular, of course, but this serves as a guideline.

Another Reddit user offers us a look at how these girths appear next to her body of 5’4″ and 110-115 lbs.

We begin with the control:

Here is a girth of 4 inches:

Here is a girth of 4.5 inches:

Here is a girth of 5 inches:

Here is a girth of 5.5 inches:

Here is a girth of 6 inches:

Here is a girth of 6.5 inches:

Here is a girth of 7 inches:


Here is a girth of 7.5 inches:

This is what a girth of 8 inches looks like, presented for completeness since it is not a possible penis girth:

She additionally offered: 33.5″ bust, 23.75″ waist, 36″ hip, 32C bra size.

The average female height is just under 5’4″. The average male height is 5’9″.

Another Reddit user gives us a comparison to what appears to be a slightly larger woman with a girth of 6.5 inches:


A good way to visualize the variety of penises is with cylinders. Remember that a cylinder will typically contain all of the penis described by its measurements, so there can be a lot of volume not filled in the cylinder by a penis.

The large cylinder below is 7 inches by 5.5 inches, and the small one is 5.6 inches by 4.8 inches, an average penis.

What follows is a focus on the larger sizes and how they can be made to appear even larger using simple perspective tricks. Pictures are an 8.4oz Redbull can, a 16oz Monster can, and a 24oz Monster can, among other things.

What are the sources of the misconceptions?  

When filmed pornography became popular, it was more expedient to use a subject with a larger penis, as it made it much easier for the camera, and therefore the viewer, to see what was going on. This effect appears to have snowballed, embedding itself in American culture in particular, and through it, the world.

The modern evolution of pornography can feature claims of absurd lengths such 11, 13, 15 inches or above. Such claims are physically impossible, and would be totally unworkable.

Claims that 7 inches or 8 inches are average are usually jokes, and also absurd.

Most people have not developed the skill of estimating sizes without a ruler. That leads to jokes such as this one:


Dildos can seem enormous as well. They do tend to be large, but that is in order to make the product viable for a larger range of customers. 

The dildos are long because the woman is free to insert however much she sees fit and at her own pace. A dildo of 6 inches is a very different experience to a penis of 6 inches attached to a man’s body. What appears to be more important is the dildo’s girth.

Dildos are marketed and sold as perhaps 7 inch or 9 inch dildos, but that is the measurement of the overall product. The insertable length of the dildo is usually about 2 inches less by design, due to the modeled testicles or suction cup or what have you.

Race and Location

The idea that black men on average have larger penises than other races is a stereotype created by the pornography industry.  Ask yourself, what 5 inch black man is going to audition for porn?   How long will he be able to feel comfortable on set with 5 other outlier dicks, looking down on his 5 inch dick during scenes?   This is a culture that can be unforgiving when it comes to machismo.  

Of the usable studies that have examined penis size by country or race, it is typically found that larger penis size averages are found in Latin, European, and African nations, but nothing that would create the stereotype that the porn industry has created.  

Asians do show lower averages as well, in the far east and Indian subcontinent, though again not by much–perhaps averages of 4.9 inches or 5.1 inches.

The averages do differ a bit by race, but not by much. Statistical inductions apply only to the population and not to individuals, as they still vary widely, and observations about an individual apply only to the individual and not the population.

Creating a definitive list of average penis sizes across many countries is a daunting task for two main reasons. First, because creating a worldwide data set typically involves combining the data from many smaller-scale, regional studies that may or may not have had the same parameters. Secondly, because many studies of erect penis length rely upon self-reported data, which is notoriously unreliable, rather than more stringent and precise laboratory measurements. Therefore, while the data listed below is the best currently available, it should still be taken with a grain of salt. The worldwide average length of an erect penis is 13.58 centimeters (cm) or 5.35 inches. Broken down by country, the largest average size was 17.61 centimeters (6.93 inches), found in Ecuador and the smallest was 10.01 centimeters (3.95 inches) in Cambodia. The average penis size in Ecuador also has the largest percentage of body height at 10.54%.

The average penis sizes around the world

Penis sizes by origin (feet and inches)

Country Erect Length Body Size % of Height
Ecuador 6.93″ 5′ 5¾” 10.54 %
Cameroon 6.56″ 5′ 7⅜” 9.75 %
Bolivia 6.5″ 5′ 6⅛” 9.84 %
Sudan 6.48″ 5′ 7⅜” 9.63 %
Haiti 6.3″ 5′ 7¾” 9.32 %
Senegal 6.26″ 5′ 8⅞” 9.09 %
Gambia 6.25″ 5′ 6⅛” 9.47 %
Cuba 6.25″ 5′ 8⅛” 9.16 %
Netherlands 6.25″ 6′ 0½” 8.65 %
Zambia 6.21″ 5′ 5¾” 9.45 %
France 6.2″ 5′ 10⅛” 8.83 %
Angola 6.19″ 5′ 6⅛” 9.38 %
Canada 6.19″ 5′ 10⅛” 8.80 %
Egypt 6.18″ 5′ 8⅛” 9.08 %
Zimbabwe 6.17″ 5′ 6⅞” 9.23 %
Georgia 6.15″ 5′ 8⅞” 8.92 %
Paraguay 6.11″ 5′ 8⅛” 8.97 %
Chad 6.06″ 5′ 7⅜” 9.01 %
Italy 6.04″ 5′ 8½” 8.81 %
Central African Republic 6.04″ 5′ 6⅛” 9.11 %
Colombia 6.01″ 5′ 7⅜” 8.91 %
Ivory Coast 5.99″ 5′ 6⅛” 9.07 %
Brazil 5.99″ 5′ 8⅞” 8.69 %
Sweden 5.94″ 5′ 10⅞” 8.36 %
Bulgaria 5.91″ 5′ 8⅛” 8.66 %
Costa Rica 5.91″ 5′ 8½” 8.64 %
Honduras 5.91″ 5′ 6½” 8.87 %
Hungary 5.9″ 5′ 9¼” 8.50 %
Mexico 5.87″ 5′ 6⅞” 8.78 %
Denmark 5.86″ 5′ 11⅝” 8.19 %
Argentina 5.86″ 5′ 8½” 8.54 %
El Salvador 5.86″ 5′ 6⅞” 8.75 %
Serbia 5.85″ 5′ 10⅞” 8.24 %
Belgium 5.81″ 5′ 10½” 8.25 %
Croatia 5.81″ 5′ 11¼” 8.18 %
Latvia 5.78″ 5′ 10⅞” 8.16 %
Belarus 5.76″ 5′ 10⅛” 8.21 %
Chile 5.74″ 5′ 8⅛” 8.46 %
Austria 5.72″ 5′ 10⅛” 8.15 %
Germany 5.72″ 5′ 10⅞” 8.07 %
Algeria 5.7″ 5′ 8½” 8.34 %
Democratic Republic of the Congo 5.7″ 5′ 6⅛” 8.64 %
Australia 5.69″ 5′ 10½” 8.10 %
Nigeria 5.66″ 5′ 6⅞” 8.47 %
Switzerland 5.65″ 5′ 10½” 8.04 %
Norway 5.65″ 5′ 10⅞” 7.95 %
Poland 5.63″ 5′ 10⅞” 7.93 %
Albania 5.59″ 5′ 8½” 8.17 %
Cape Verde 5.53″ 5′ 8⅞” 8.04 %
New Zealand 5.51″ 5′ 10⅛” 7.88 %
North Macedonia 5.5″ 5′ 9¼” 7.95 %
Ukraine 5.5″ 5′ 10⅞” 7.75 %
Spain 5.45″ 5′ 9¼” 7.88 %
Finland 5.42″ 5′ 10⅞” 7.64 %
Libya 5.41″ 5′ 8⅞” 7.84 %
Azerbaijan 5.4″ 5′ 8⅛” 7.92 %
India 5.4″ 5′ 5⅜” 8.28 %
Afghanistan 5.39″ 5′ 6⅛” 8.16 %
Israel 5.35″ 5′ 9¼” 7.75 %
United States 5.35″ 5′ 9⅝” 7.68 %
Japan 5.34″ 5′ 7¾” 7.90 %
Turkmenistan 5.31″ 5′ 8⅛” 7.78 %
Venezuela 5.25″ 5′ 8⅛” 7.71 %
Greece 5.24″ 5′ 10½” 7.44 %
Russia 5.2″ 5′ 9¼” 7.50 %
South Korea 5.18″ 5′ 8⅞” 7.52 %
Armenia 5.17″ 5′ 8⅛” 7.59 %
United Kingdom 5.17″ 5′ 10⅛” 7.38 %
China 5.15″ 5′ 8⅞” 7.49 %
Turkey 5.11″ 5′ 9¼” 7.39 %
Ireland 5.03″ 5′ 10½” 7.16 %
Mongolia 5.03″ 5′ 6⅞” 7.50 %
Romania 5.01″ 5′ 9⅝” 7.18 %
Yemen 5.01″ 5′ 4⅛” 7.81 %
Taiwan 4.96″ 5′ 8⅛” 7.28 %
Pakistan 4.8″ 5′ 5¾” 7.32 %
Iran 4.7″ 5′ 8⅞” 6.84 %
Indonesia 4.59″ 5′ 5⅜” 7.05 %
Singapore 4.54″ 5′ 8⅛” 6.66 %
Malaysia 4.52″ 5′ 6⅛” 6.82 %
Vietnam 4.52″ 5′ 6⅛” 6.83 %
Thailand 4.51″ 5′ 7⅜” 6.68 %
Bangladesh 4.41″ 5′ 5″ 6.81 %
Hong Kong 4.41″ 5′ 8½” 6.42 %
Sri Lanka 4.29″ 5′ 5¾” 6.50 %
Philippines 4.27″ 5′ 5″ 6.59 %
Burma 4.21″ 5′ 5⅜” 6.45 %
Cambodia 3.95″ 5′ 5″ 6.09 %


Penis sizes by origin (meters and centimeters)

Country Erect Length Body Size % of Height
Ecuador 17.61 cm 1.67 m 10.54 %
Cameroon 16.67 cm 1.71 m 9.75 %
Bolivia 16.51 cm 1.68 m 9.84 %
Sudan 16.47 cm 1.71 m 9.63 %
Haiti 16.01 cm 1.72 m 9.32 %
Senegal 15.89 cm 1.75 m 9.09 %
Gambia 15.88 cm 1.68 m 9.47 %
Cuba 15.87 cm 1.73 m 9.16 %
Netherlands 15.87 cm 1.84 m 8.65 %
Zambia 15.78 cm 1.67 m 9.45 %
France 15.74 cm 1.78 m 8.83 %
Angola 15.73 cm 1.68 m 9.38 %
Canada 15.71 cm 1.78 m 8.80 %
Egypt 15.69 cm 1.73 m 9.08 %
Zimbabwe 15.68 cm 1.70 m 9.23 %
Georgia 15.61 cm 1.75 m 8.92 %
Paraguay 15.53 cm 1.73 m 8.97 %
Chad 15.39 cm 1.71 m 9.01 %
Italy 15.35 cm 1.74 m 8.81 %
Central African Republic 15.33 cm 1.68 m 9.11 %
Colombia 15.26 cm 1.71 m 8.91 %
Ivory Coast 15.22 cm 1.68 m 9.07 %
Brazil 15.22 cm 1.75 m 8.69 %
Sweden 15.08 cm 1.80 m 8.36 %
Bulgaria 15.02 cm 1.73 m 8.66 %
Costa Rica 15.01 cm 1.74 m 8.64 %
Honduras 15.00 cm 1.69 m 8.87 %
Hungary 14.99 cm 1.76 m 8.50 %
Mexico 14.92 cm 1.70 m 8.78 %
Denmark 14.88 cm 1.82 m 8.19 %
Argentina 14.88 cm 1.74 m 8.54 %
El Salvador 14.88 cm 1.70 m 8.75 %
Serbia 14.87 cm 1.80 m 8.24 %
Belgium 14.77 cm 1.79 m 8.25 %
Croatia 14.77 cm 1.81 m 8.18 %
Latvia 14.69 cm 1.80 m 8.16 %
Belarus 14.63 cm 1.78 m 8.21 %
Chile 14.59 cm 1.73 m 8.46 %
Austria 14.53 cm 1.78 m 8.15 %
Germany 14.52 cm 1.80 m 8.07 %
Algeria 14.49 cm 1.74 m 8.34 %
Democratic Republic of the Congo 14.48 cm 1.68 m 8.64 %
Australia 14.46 cm 1.79 m 8.10 %
Nigeria 14.38 cm 1.70 m 8.47 %
Switzerland 14.35 cm 1.79 m 8.04 %
Norway 14.34 cm 1.80 m 7.95 %
Poland 14.29 cm 1.80 m 7.93 %
Albania 14.19 cm 1.74 m 8.17 %
Cape Verde 14.05 cm 1.75 m 8.04 %
New Zealand 13.99 cm 1.78 m 7.88 %
North Macedonia 13.98 cm 1.76 m 7.95 %
Ukraine 13.97 cm 1.80 m 7.75 %
Spain 13.85 cm 1.76 m 7.88 %
Finland 13.77 cm 1.80 m 7.64 %
Libya 13.74 cm 1.75 m 7.84 %
Azerbaijan 13.72 cm 1.73 m 7.92 %
India 13.71 cm 1.66 m 8.28 %
Afghanistan 13.69 cm 1.68 m 8.16 %
Israel 13.60 cm 1.76 m 7.75 %
United States 13.58 cm 1.77 m 7.68 %
Japan 13.56 cm 1.72 m 7.90 %
Turkmenistan 13.48 cm 1.73 m 7.78 %
Venezuela 13.33 cm 1.73 m 7.71 %
Greece 13.30 cm 1.79 m 7.44 %
Russia 13.21 cm 1.76 m 7.50 %
South Korea 13.16 cm 1.75 m 7.52 %
Armenia 13.14 cm 1.73 m 7.59 %
United Kingdom 13.13 cm 1.78 m 7.38 %
China 13.07 cm 1.75 m 7.49 %
Turkey 12.99 cm 1.76 m 7.39 %
Ireland 12.78 cm 1.79 m 7.16 %
Mongolia 12.77 cm 1.70 m 7.50 %
Romania 12.73 cm 1.77 m 7.18 %
Yemen 12.72 cm 1.63 m 7.81 %
Taiwan 12.60 cm 1.73 m 7.28 %
Pakistan 12.20 cm 1.67 m 7.32 %
Iran 11.95 cm 1.75 m 6.84 %
Indonesia 11.67 cm 1.66 m 7.05 %
Singapore 11.53 cm 1.73 m 6.66 %
Malaysia 11.49 cm 1.68 m 6.82 %
Vietnam 11.47 cm 1.68 m 6.83 %
Thailand 11.45 cm 1.71 m 6.68 %
Bangladesh 11.20 cm 1.65 m 6.81 %
Hong Kong 11.19 cm 1.74 m 6.42 %
Sri Lanka 10.89 cm 1.67 m 6.50 %
Philippines 10.85 cm 1.65 m 6.59 %
Burma 10.70 cm 1.66 m 6.45 %
Cambodia 10.04 cm 1.65 m 6.09 %
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