The Woman’s Perspective and Experience With Various Penis Sizes

The Woman’s Perspective and Experience With Various Penis Sizes

A survey was done of 200 women and the charts below are picture comparisons and graphs from all the data collected.  After we share these pictures, I will share my own thoughts and experiences through photos.  



What does all that mean about penis sizes?

Was that interesting to anybody?  So with 200 women, the sizes of men vary, some having experiences with penises up to 10 inches.  Some having experiences with men as little as 2 inches.  Now, none of this is official scientific measurements, and sometimes a man may tell a woman his size, and she just assumes, “Okay, this is how big 8 inches is.”  Without ever measuring him herself, an actual 6 inch penis may be 8 inches from her perspective.  Some women love their men, want their current love of their life to be the ideal penis size, and definitely tend to mentally make the man they love much larger than he really is.  To be honest, I am no different.  No matter what I see in porn or on photos sprinkled all over my timeline, the guy I love will always be the biggest penis I have ever seen.  That’s how it should be.  However, to be certain I haven’t been tricked, I have measured Ryan with a ruler!  What’s interesting about my experience, when I first saw Ryan nude, we were both younger and I remember measuring him with my hand (without telling him), as well as was told by him his size.  I remember he measured larger than he told me, but it was still nowhere near his measurements today.  How many women can say they were with a man when his penis was still growing and maturing since we’ve met!  That is such a neat fun fact.  I won’t go into his size, but I entered his measurements into TheVisualiser and got the below results.  

Younger Ryan                                    Older Ryan

For the record fellas, yes the penis does grow from the late teens into your 20s.  Confirmed with a ruler and life experiences.  Not that every man is the same, but if we have any 18 year old readers here, salute your little guy and just know, he isn’t done making you proud yet!  There are also other factors, such as stretching and other techniques men can do, to help with nature in getting their desired length and girth.  

This may be a bit cringe, but it was fun seeing the below picture for me.  Some men  or women may be offended, or feel insecure, I apologize in advance. 

Lets take the blog somewhere else and stop comparing the teenage Ryan to the older Ryan.  In my life experiences, I had a guy that exposed himself to me when I was younger.  The only thing I can remember thinking was how tiny he was.  Maybe the bad memory altered my perception.  I don’t think he cared what I thought, he just wanted to expose himself hoping I’d remember it forever?  Well, I did.  Below is a comparison of my experience of what I think his size was, compared to the average man (according to lifestyle condoms).  

Well Georgie, that’s how I remember you!  Congratulations!  

Let’s wrap up all this Penis Size talk!

In all seriousness, what I have gathered from the above data is something Ryan and I have already talked about on this blog numerous times.  It is also one of the most asked questions we have gotten while running this blog.  A woman in love will think her man is the ideal man, ideal penis, and there isn’t any size in the world better.  A woman not in love, may still be a size queen and compare a guy she may not be that into, to a boyfriend she once had, but that just isn’t my experience.  The data above not only proves our original thoughts, but it just goes to show women really find their ideal penis, the current penis they are with.  I wouldn’t be surprised if the women saying the ideal penis is “10 inches” is the woman that is currently in love with the guy that is 10 inches.  In my case, my current ideal penis is what Ryan’s penis currently is now.  However, if you asked me the same question 20 years ago when I met Ryan, I would have said my ideal penis is a nice curved penis that is slightly under average that fits in me perfectly!  That’s what love does.  But for those that just want to know the survey, the pictures, and don’t care about how a woman really feels, go ahead and keep judging how much a man you are by a ruler!  


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Interesting study and commentary, both which brought up the memory of one discussion with a yet-to-be GF while we were sizing each other up. Somehow she mentioned guys all bragging about the ‘size of their dicks’ when talking with them and asked why I hadn’t yet mentioned mine.

I shrugged, looked her in the eye and said, ‘I’ve only got a three inch weenie, so nothing to tell your friends about.’

We began serious dating a week or so later, and eventually fell into bed, at which time she got a little miffed. I’d like about my size. Her reason for being miffed, as she explained, was, ‘I’ve never fucked a three inch penis and was really curious if it was any different.’

I don’t know if she’s ever learned, but it was definitely fun trying to convince her I really am only three inches… plus five.

Glad you like it.

That lady and I dated about six months and had some of the best love-making sessions of my life.

I like how you solidified the fact that many women overestimate their partners penis size by exaggerating Ryan’s. Even in a post about size you still gotta add a few inches, right?

For the record, I see my husband’s dick, and to me, it resembles a telephone pole. So absolutely admitted and solidified! <3