100 Bottles of Sperm on The Wall, a 100 Bottles of Sperm

kohakuA Japanese porn actress, Uta Kohaku, who is known for looking strikingly similar to Atsuko Maeda, a wildly popular singer and former member of all-female idol group AKB48, has at least 100 fans that would give their lives to her. Well, at least help her give life to a new porn video she is working on.

As part of an upcoming porn film tentatively titled “Semen Collection 2,” Uta Kohaku asked her fans on Twitter to donate to the cause by sending in bottles of their own semen for inclusion in the film.  The actress received more than 100 bottles of sperm-filled plastic bottles in a 10-day period, each featuring the name of the dirty donator.

Kohaku appreciated the response she received and told her donating fans, “I will care for them as if it were my own child.”

Shooting for the film commenced Dec. 20 and there is no word on whether it will be released in the U.S. or what Kohaku will do with the donations after all the shooting is completed.  

 Source: RocketNews24

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