Our Naughty Friends Give Us a Photo Shot Out

Since we started sexblogging.com we have met some freaky couples, crazy singles, and overall nice people.  Most of our socialization comes in the form of xhamster and twitter, so we have included with each photo their xhamster or twitter names.   We would love for other great singles and/or couples that enjoy our blog an stories to show us their creative side and send us their own photo shot out.   It can help cross promote your own twitter page as well as let some of our blog readers know how freaky and crazy our friends can get!

For the first man that can write http://sexblogging.com on his penis I will do absolutely nothing for you, as God has already done enough.

You can submit a photo to our email via our contact page or post it on twitter with our name, @sexblogging in the message.

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@lilsecretxoxox We still got you up on the blog! *swoon*

@LITTLEdick889 a pic will do
Our Naughty Friends Give Us a Photo Shot Out http://t.co/geiwFyEQeH