Brooklyn’s Smallest Penis Contest Winner, Says He’s Proud Of Victory

smallestpenisIt must takes big balls to be proud of having the smallest penis.  In that case, Nick Gilronan  must have testicles the size of watermelons.  Please see the photo.  Okay, wait, he doesn’t.  

The 27-year-old UPS Store worker who won Brooklyn’s smallest penis contest said he’s proud of his tiny package. 

Ladies, he always delivers.

“The size of a man’s penis does not matter for who he is as a person or in a relationship. Same thing with breast size. We’re all made in different shapes and sizes, but the media puts pressure on people to look a certain way,” he told the website Gothamist  after his victory Saturday at Kings County Bar.  Gilronan then said he wanted to “put on a good show for the audience. Looks like my efforts were successful.”

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