The Clitoris, A-Spot, G-Spot, U-Spot, K-Spot, P-Spot

articles_vulva_vagina_345x214We have a long running series called the Vagina Dialogues where my husband and I comment back and forth on different aspects of a woman’s vagina.  Today, I am going to blog an excerpt from a great book by Desmond Morris, The Naked Woman, A Study of The Female Body, which lists a few areas of the Vagina most people do not know about.  my husband really doesn’t need to add his dialogue here, he should just takes notes and listen!  However, I have added my own comments and experiences below. I have also added photos to go along with each description and a few other erogenous “spots” that were surprisingly not listed by Desmond Morris.

In addition to the vaginal passage and its surrounding labia, the female genitals also boast four sexual ‘Hot Spots.’  These are small zones of heightened erotic sensitivity, the stimulation of which during the mating act helps to bring the female nearer to an orgasmic condition. They are: the Clitoris, the U-spot, the G-spot, and the A-spot. The first two are outside the vagina, the second two inside it:

The Clitoris.

clitThis is the best known of the female genital hot spots, located at the top of the vulva, where the inner labia join at their upper ends.

Much like an uncircumcised penis, you can pull back the clitoral hood and the tip of the clitoris will be exposed.

The visible part is the small, nipple-sized, female equivalent of the tip of the male penis, and is partially covered by a protective hood. Essentially it is a bundle of 8000 nerve fibres, making it the most sensitive spot on the entire female body. It is purely sexual in function and becomes enlarged (longer, more swollen, more erect) and even more sensitive during copulation. During foreplay it is often stimulated directly by touch, and many women who do not easily reach orgasm purely from vaginal stimulation find it easier to climax from oral, digital, or mechanical stimulation of the clitoris.

cspotThis is the spot of all spots.  You can call it the C-Spot if you want, because if you C (see) this spot, you better put your mouth on it, suck on it, lick on it, touch it, tap your dick against it, rub it, circle it, pinch it, jerk it, stroke it, and make sure you leave your woman with a C (sea) spot on the bed. When I orgasm during oral sex, it’s always because my husband is gentle (but quickly) flicking his tongue back and forth over my clitoris.  This orgasm is my most powerful.  Whether it be with my own fingers, my husband’s tongue, or a vibrator, this is the spot. As soon as I orgasm though, slow down and take it easy.  Much like your penis head gets sensitive after/as you orgasm, our clits get extremely sensitive as well and too much movement can ruin our orgasms and be very painful.

6eae466f496dbd95317b35538bbb4db8An Australian surgeon recently reported that the clitoris is larger than previously thought, much of it being hidden beneath the surface. The part that is visible is simply its tip, the rest of its length – its shaft – lying beneath the surface and extending down to surround the vaginal opening. This means that, during pelvic thrusting, its concealed part will be massaged vigorously by the movements of the inserted penis. There will therefore always be some degree of clitoral stimulation, even when the tip is not touched directly. The clitoral shaft is, however, less sensitive than the exposed tip, so that direct contact with the tip will always have a greater impact on female arousal. Some women claim that, by employing a rhythmic, downward roll of the pelvis, they can create a direct friction on the clitoris tip while the male is making pelvic thrusts, and can in this way magnify their arousal, but this requires a more dominant role for the female, which is not always accepted by the male.

The U-Spot.

uspotThis is a small patch of sensitive erectile tissue located just above and on either side of the urethral opening. It is absent just below the urethra, in the small area between the urethra and the vagina. Less well known than the clitoris, its erotic potential was only recently investigated by American clinical research workers. They found that if this region was gently caressed, with the finger, the tongue, or the tip of the penis, there was an unexpectedly powerful erotic response.

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Your Memes, My Thoughts

MemeI’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t have to look online for some silly relationship memes. Why? Because I follow some silly ass people on Facebook who are trigger happy when they post and share stuff from their just-as-relationship-challenged friends.

Recently I saw this awesome little gem on my timeline. It has a picture of a man’s dirty, grimy hand next to a callous-free woman’s hand who we’re to believe belongs to his wife. The caption above the picture states:

“I work daylight to dark. Bust my knuckles, my back and my butt. I hurt all day everyday and take it to the max every second. When I feel like giving up, I just think about my wife and think about how this work is helping our household. There’s not a more important person in my life than her. My hands look like this, so hers can look like that.”

In a perfect world, a man who worked for a women’s sole happiness would, for some gold-digging, lazy chicks, be just that: perfect. However, this photo just has too many implications not to ignore. First, I think it’s safe to assume he’s is just a regular blue collar guy, probably does oil changes for a living, works on cars, or is a plumber. There is absolutely nothing wrong with those jobs, by the way. I loved telling my friends that I was one of two girls in my Auto Mechanics class in high school. There’s not such thing as a bad job. Unless you’re a prostitute, but that’s not really a job because you don’t pay taxes (except in Nevada). Anyway. Second, so if she doesn’t work, what does she do all day? Watch her “programs” and look through Pinterest accounts?

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Sexcapades – The Yellow Bathtub

bathtubSo I have decided to add a new series to our blog. Nothing crazy or elaborate, in fact, just the opposite.  A simple diary of something I want to remember for myself later.  I am not trying to win a Sex Pulitzer, impress anyone with my writing, or create a smut story so detailed you guys can jack and jill off and finish before the ending.  This is just a section for me to keep track of the small things we do and have done over the years.  If it’s something I am doing recently, I will add a date for my own personal reference.  Although we still only submit new blogs on Mondays and Thursdays, the dates will be accurate for when the sexcapade occurred.

August 10, 2015

For some reason I was browsing amazon and found a waterproof blanket.  This blanket is like $180.00 and a little too much for me to spend on an idea.  I text Venice and ask her if I bought a waterproof blanket, would she be interested in peeing on each other during sex, and having sex while soaked in urine.  Because we are both picky, usually if we do any type of urine play it’s in the bathroom.  This waterproof throw blanket could be a game changer.  Venice messages me back and lets me know she would do it with me if I wanted, but she didn’t think it was worth the $180.00 price tag.   I agreed, but still, thinking of bonding with her, soaked in urine, took over my brain and left me with OCD of being pissed on.  I sent more messages to Venice describing how the smell of her urine drives me wild.  In fact, when I used to masturbate to her panties while I was away in college, if I even got a slight hint of a urine smell, I would ejaculate immediately.  I think it’s the animal inside us as men, where we want to walk up behind a woman and sniff her vagina and ass raw, no filter.  She messages me back, not as interested as me, saying urine is an acquired taste.  I guess this is also a bit of instinct in a woman, as I have never seen any animal walk up to a male animal and smell his cock.  I also doubt Venice has ever smelled my boxers hoping for it to have a slight urine smell, and I know she she sucks my dick, she wants to smell fresh soap.  It’s what women want: cleanliness.

Anyway, after texting back and forth, I eventually come up with a plan for her to put me in the bathtub and piss all over me.  In my mind I just wanted her to piss in my mouth and all over my face and body.  After she was done pissing, I wanted to suck on her wet lips and stroke off to the smell of her urine.  After I thought about it more, I decided I also wanted to piss on my self while I eat out her wet vagina, just to mix our fluids together.  Then when I cum, I wanted to cum all over my stomach and chest.  I asked Venice if she would lick the cum off my body.  She texted back immediately and said, “Hell yea!”

My mind was set.  At that point, it was about 11:00 am, and I knew I wasn’t going to use the bathroom for the rest of the day.  I wanted my body to be soaked.

7:00 pm came around that night and Venice came in the room and asked me to follow her in the bathroom.  I took off my clothes, excited, already erect because I knew what was going to happen.  As I laid in the tub totally nude, with my head cocked up on the side, Venice climbed in after me and put her pussy in my face.  Unsure what was going to happen because it had been so long since she had peed on me, I got a bit nervous. She asked me to lick her dirty pussy, deep in her hole.  I obeyed her and licked deep in her hole, getting all her juices that she has been soaking in throughout the day.  She tasted and smelled amazing.  I don’t know how she does it, but she just never has an odor.  No urine smell, no must, no sweat, just the smell of our laundry softener from wearing her panties all day.  I love this about her.  I’m extremely picky with smells, but I do not mind a slight hint of urine.  Since she had no smell, I was excited to actually smell it as it poured out of her body.

She moved herself away from my face and sat in my lap.  She knew my dick was hard so she balanced herself for a moment and slowly worked my dick inside her body.  Immediately I thought she had changed her plans and instead she wanted to fuck me. She got her whole body down on my hard dick and put her mouth up to my ears and asked me to please piss inside her pussy and fill her up.  Although this drove me wild, it’s extremely hard to piss while inside a tight vagina with an erection.  After what seemed like a few minutes of sucking on her titties and listening to her whine for me to relax and fill her pussy up with my pee, I finally felt my body release its stream.  Venice couldn’t fill it, because she asked again to please piss inside her.  I stopped her and let her know, I was peeing.  I felt the pressure inside her body tighten, and slowly she lifted her body up.  My urine poured out of her vagina all over my stomach.  She then stood up, and put her pussy over my face, and drenched me in my own urine still pouring out of her pussy.  I held my hard dick in my hand, still pissing on the back of her ass and on my chest, while she stood over me dripping my own pee into my mouth.  I loved it.  It wasn’t what I really wanted, but it still turned me on.  I begged her to please let me have her piss.   She straddled my face and demanded I open my mouth.  I did as she said and watched her vagina start pouring out piss.  Within seconds my entire mouth was full.  I felt just like a porn star because I closed my mouth and all the urine poured out over my face down my body.  I opened my mouth again and she quickly filled my jaws up with her urine until I again had to close my mouth.  The smell was amazing, but the taste was potent.  The ammonia taste was hard to handle, so although I swallowed some,  I tried not to swallow too much.  I stroked my dick harder.  It felt like she peed on me for a minute straight, because she filled my mouth multiple times.  I grabbed her by the back of her ass and pulled her pussy to my mouth.  I wanted to suck on her dripping lips and smell her skin.  I loved it.  I couldn’t hold my cum back any longer and Venice was telling me to cum all over myself so she can eat my cum off me.  I obliged.  I came everywhere.  All over my stomach, my chest, and my hands.  Venice moaned as she watched and bent over to lick the cum off my body.  I asked her to share with me.

As she bent over to lick the cum off my body, she would come back up and spit in my mouth.  I loved the taste.  Cum, and piss from both of us.  The next time she went down to clean me up, she saved for herself.  She went back and forth, taking turns swallowing and spitting in my mouth until my body was clean of all my cum.  She kissed then me on the forehead and said, “Take a shower.”

Josh Duggar loves Ashley Madison

josh duggarSo. Josh Duggar had a paid Ashley Madison account. I’m not really surprised.

It’s so funny to see people get caught in the exact thing they preach against. Priests and young boys. Lance Armstrong and steroids. Josh Duggar, Executive Director of the Family Research Council, a conservative lobbying group and his Ashley Madison account.

For those of you who, like me, are unaware of what is, it’s a Canadian-based online dating service and social networking service marketed to people who are married or in a committed relationship. Its slogan is “Life is short. Have an affair.” The name was coined after two popular female names: Ashley and Madison. Its membership includes 37 million people in 46 countries. The company announced plans to launch in Singapore in 2014, but Singapore’s Media Development Authority (MDA) stated that it will not allow Ashley Madison to operate in Singapore as “it promotes adultery and disregards family values.” Although you can’t stop someone who wants to have an affairs simply by prohibiting sites such as Ashley Madison, I commend Singapore’s MDA for showing the world that they don’t agree with it. Fuck yea, Singapore.

Back to Josh Douch-er. In May 2015, he was forced to resign as Executive Director after he was found to have molested five young girls, four of which were his own sisters, beginning in 2002. After this made headlines, the family went into damage control and stated that he had reformed and that the media were hell bend on “exploiting women.”

Honestly, I can’t see how his wife, Anna, with whom he has four kids, willingly chooses to stay with him. She reported knowing how he was, but because he’d “humbled himself before God and those whom he had offended,” she was able to accept his marriage proposal. If her husband’s leaked Ashley Madison account is not proof enough that he has no intention of being loyal to her or the vows he made to their marriage, then she’s in for the biggest disappointment of her life.

Here is what his $986..76 paid subscription to Ashley Madison was to find for him:

– Conventional sex
– Experimenting with sex toys
– One-night stands
– Open to experimentation
– Gentleness
– Good with your hands
– Sensual massage
– Extended foreplay/teasing
– Bubble bath for 2
– Likes to give oral sex
– Someone I can teach
– Someone who can teach me
– Kissing
– Cuddling & hugging
– Sharing fantasies
– Sex talk

Additionally, here were his turn-ons:

– A professional/well groomed
– Stylish/Classy
– Casual jeans/t-shirt type
– Muscular/fit body
– Petite figure
– Tall height
– Long hair
– Short hair
– Girl next door
– Naughty girl
– Sense of humor
– Imagination
– Creative and adventurous
– Relaxed and easy going
– Aggressive/take charge nature
– Confidence
– Discretion/secrecy
– A good listener
– Good personal hygiene
– Average sex drive
– Has a secret love nest
– Disease free
– Drug free
– Natural breasts

Oh, Josh. Your wife could be every single one of these on both these lists, if you give her a chance.

I have more respect for people who are open about enjoying being peed on and not caring what others think when they admit it than for people who act like the prude life, i.e. people who never miss church, who never lie, or who look down on people for living a “non-Christian life,” is the proper way to live. I have more respect for people who admit and acknowledge their own imperfections and non-traditional lifestyle, than for people who try so hard to be part of the small minority of non-sinners who think they’re better than everyone else because they’re guaranteed a spot in heaven. Does Josh Duggar believe he’s still going to heaven? I think he does. He doesn’t give a shit about the life he pretends to live on Earth as it goes against his moral upbringing. Why? Because his god is a forgiving one with endless re-start buttons.

Sexcapades – The Angry Face Fucker

angry sexSo I have decided to add a new series to our blog. Nothing crazy or elaborate, in fact, just the opposite.  A simple diary input of something I want to remember for myself later.  I am not trying to win a Sex Pulitzer, impress anyone with my writing, or create a smut story so detailed you guys can jack and jill off and finish before the ending.  This is just a section for me to keep track of the small things we do and have done over the years.  If it’s something I am doing recently, I will add a date for my own personal reference. Although we still only submit new blogs on Mondays and Thursdays, the dates will be accurate for when the sexcapade occurred.

August 16, 2015

Yesterday morning Venice and I weren’t in the best of moods.  It was early, we just had company leave after a week long stay, and we had things to do around the house.  We were both nude, getting ready to start our day.  Venice was being short and snappy, and I responded by asking her to leave me alone. Usually when I do this, it’s almost like a challenge for Venice to do everything but leave me alone.  Whether it be tickle me, force me to fuck her, cuddle, or she’ll just sit on my face nude and make me eat her out until we are both in better moods. Whatever, it’s all the same.

I was in bed with my face away from her and she was behind me.  She spooned up close to me and reached her hand around to grab my dick.  I had already prepared for this attack and tucked my balls and penis between my legs.  I had my thighs closed securely so no matter how much she dug with her hand, she wouldn’t be able to touch my penis…from that side at least.  However, from behind, unfortunately, she had total access to my package.  That wasn’t the point though, she didn’t want to touch it from behind, she wanted to get her way and force me to open up so she could touch my body.  She knew this would get me hard, and lead to her hopping on top of me or giving me a blow job and edging me out until I apologize…FOR NOTHING.

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