Q&A: Are You Satisfied Without Having Orgasms?

orgasmThis Question and Answer is a bit different because I am responding to a comment from a recent blog: Sexcapades – Pillow Talk.

As I typed my answer I realized it was a bit long winded so I decided it deserved a blog of its own.  It’s a great question.

[pullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”#8a2714″ class=”” size=””]Would you mind explaining this dynamic further? Do you do this often? While it’s certainly described as pleasurable for you, are you satisfied without having an orgasm?[/pullquote]

Venice’s response:
I can orgasm whenever I want. Whether it be before, during, or afterwards. What’s interesting is, I usually have plateaus inside of my vagina (this drug-like “high” feeling) that makes my cervix muscles twitch while I am being fucked. Almost like mini orgasms that can happen in almost any position, at almost any time, and with or without purposeful provocation or stimulation. Maybe that’s why sex feels so physically good for me. I guess I do not write about them because it’s not as important to me. What was more important and sexy for me in Sexcapades – Pillow Talk, was the experience. When being dominated or taken, it’s about being used, not counting my orgasms. I’ll try to explain it better below.

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