The Legend Of Heather I Love Deepthroat: An Incomplete Story Of America’s Greatest Amateur Porn Star

The Legend Of Heather “I Love Deepthroat” Harmon 

If it wasn’t for Heather Harmon and Jim Harmon, may have never existed.  Well, that may be giving them a little too much credit. However, a lot of edgy twitter accounts with amateur couples sharing their naughty pics and videos, all started with this amateur couple (or this was the first couple that really blew up back when the internet was the wild wild west).  I believe one of our first blogs ever was Venice writing about her experiences in learning to deepthroat.   And from there, our blog kind of moved into a lot of other things, including threesomes with other women, videos, and naughty photos.  Unfortunately for us, we never got rich off our blog, in fact, we haven’t made a penny!  But, to pay homage to these amateur legends that went from married couple uploading a few videos, to all out porn stars in the early 2000s, we decided to share a great article by Hersh Bavnik.  

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