If Every Straight Hook Up Site Was Like Grindr The World Would Be A Better Place

If Every Straight Hook Up Site Was Like Grindr The World Would Be A Better Place

I was browsing through Reddit and I saw a question regarding a guy who had decided to let his girl experiment with another girl while he experimented with another guy.  It was an interesting post and a few things about it really piqued my interest.  

My girlfriend recently came out and said she wants to have sex with women but no other man. As a result it got me to thinking, and I would like to have experiment with the same sex as well. However, we are very unsure of how to find people to experiment with. How do people find patient, understanding lovers to learn the ropes with when they’re the same sex? We’re at a loss as to how to proceed into the territory of homosexuality.”

The Difference Between Men and Women Hooking Up

I immediately thought to myself that there was a few things that was going to happen.  First, his girlfriend would have to spend a lot of time looking for what she wanted.  She would have to  sort through girls that really just want threesomes with their husband (admittedly,  she’ll be sorting through us), catfish/men pretending to be women hoping to pick up some stray and confused pussy, curious females that will never actually meet you,  stud females that act like men and want to pound your guts in with 10 inch dildos, and various other things that will be obstacles for her and her bisexual journey.  I’m not saying this is how it always is, but in our experience, it’s exactly how it was.  However, his experience will be quite the opposite.  By the time she hooks up with another female, he may have an anus that will appear visually similar to the grand canyon.  I am not joking either.  Men will be lined up ready to suck, fuck, and rearrange his back in ways a chiropractor could only dream of.   

Which is why the following comments were hilarious to me…because it’s true.

After getting through the comments I noticed the original author edited his question and added that she wasn’t being serious.  More specifically, she was not okay with him having sex with another man.

Update: So the gf is no longer comfortable with me seeking men and it seems like she’s using this whole thing as revenge for some beef we have in our past. I think I’m going to walk on this relationship seeing as how it is incredibly toxic at the moment. Thank you all for your help and I’m definitely still going to experiment in the future!

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Review: Love Glider Penetration Machine courtesy of TabuToys

Review: Love Glider Penetration Machine courtesy of TabuToys

Let’s just start off this review with what impressed us the most.  TabuToys customer service.  This item’s size and price is not something companies usually let blogs like us review as promotional items.  We also do not guarantee a review if we do not like the item, so these companies take a huge risk on the items they send.  TabuToys took the risk and we love them more for it!   Since we have never tried anything like this, this should be a fun review.

Venice: “Ouch!”

Previously we have tried a furniture wedge that we absolutely loved.  And then there was the trampoline sex machine of death.   The dangerous bouncing chair that almost destroyed my insides and decapitated Ryan’s penis mid bounce.  We happen to record the moment while doing a review!  The entire front of the rubber material suddenly snapped dropping me down too deep, too fast.  It was an uncomfortable moment for us both because you usually don’t land with all your weight down onto a penis that is hard enough to stab your bladder!  Thankfully we lived!   Let’s hope TabuToys didn’t send us another one of these booby traps! 

Like with all the items we review, we try to incorporate these toys into something we can do as a couple. This one was a challenge because it really is an item you should enjoy when you are alone and don’t have a real dick you can use. And what makes it so great is, it is hands free penetration.  It would also be a very cool gimmick for webcam shows, where you can entertain an audience.

We are not carpenters!  

Let’s get into the build and quality.  This item is made for both men and women.  I weigh about 150 pounds and when I sat on the Love Glider, it felt very sturdy.  The padding on my butt and legs felt comfortable.  Ryan is about 250 pounds and he sat on it as well.  Neither of us had any issues with the build quality of this item.  You can check the link and price below if you want more details on dimensions and materials. I mean, can I be honest with you? We are not carpenters!   I sit on things and listen for creaks and snapping.  This Love Glider did neither of those things. However, it did nicely glide front to back while at the same time sexily slide a dildo in and out of my body.  So I’d say, job well done!

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Review: Sonic Sucking Vibrator by Paloqueth

Review: Sonic Sucking Vibrator by Paloqueth

First, the name of this toy is hilarious to me!  No sexy or enticing name like, “The Lady VaCUM” or “The Pleaser”.  Just, the Sonic Sucking Vibrator. Ha!  Straight to the point! 

Anyway, the Sonic Sucking Vibrator is a sexy little toy for us ladies that claims it uses a sucking mechanism that pulls your clitoris up into a silicone cone and vibrates the heck out of it!   This is not the first time I have reviewed a toy with this mechanism.  I love these toys that suck or try to suck and focus on one area of the body.  It’s always a fun and unique experience.  What’s even better, this guy is a lot more affordable than most other toys of the same quality on the market.

Let me first clarify, from my experience, I did not get any suction or sucking sensation from this toy. Regardless of how air tight or hard I press the silicone ring around my clitoris, for me (or nipple for Ryan), it did not suck.  However, it does isolate the body part and vibrate all around it.   If you use a wand or something big and powerful, this product does not give that same sensation.  It gives more of an isolation sensation. Rather than shaking everything in the area, it ping pongs your clitoris around the cone until you either cum or tap out.  I tapped out.

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Texting, Sexting, Distance, and Visible Communication Creates Stronger Relationships

Texting, Sexting, Distance, and Visible Communication Creates Stronger Relationships.

We have a Question and Answer blog section that deal with couples questions and their various problems they have in their relationship.  We have learned that most of the time the biggest issue is a simple lack of communication.  Whether it be questions about anal, dildo size, threesomes, swinging, jealousy, or any other relationship issue, communication is the key to dealing with relationship issues.

Texting, Sexting, and Distance

From the beginning of our own relationship, college separated us.  As much as you’d think this was a bad start, I feel that our long distance relationship helped our relationship more than anything we have ever done.  With Ryan and I being on different coasts, we had to deal with jealousy, trust issues, sex, and everyday life, through communication and text (instant) messages.  We were unable to kiss and make up, fuck and make up, or ignore problems because of all the physical interactions that tend to replace actual communication.  Is there anything easier than ignoring compatibility and personality issues between two people because the sex is so good, it almost makes everything seem better?  That isn’t possible with distance.  Your words and thoughts are the only thing that matters.  Back then, texting wasn’t as common, but using your PC and AOL instant messenger was.  Each night Ryan and I would sit and talk about everything that happened in our day.  The good, the bad, the ugly.  Sometimes we would argue and block each other when we got upset.  Once blocked, the only way to really communicate would be for one of us to call the other.  Long distance wasn’t cheap, and as poor college kids, this was a big deal.  Sometimes I think we argued just to hear the other person’s voice for 10 minutes.   Eventually, we’d make up on the phone and tell the other to go back to their PC and so we could talk again.  Now that the argument for the night was over we’d feel the urge to connect and make up.  Much like normal relationships, we would start to sext back and forth and discuss various sexual ideas.

Make Up Sext

This form of communication made it extremely easy to explore our kinks.  I have learned over years, that being in the same room can make it harder to communicate.  As soon as you talk about your kinks, you get a bit frisky and want to get closer.  The more you touch, the sooner you find yourself nude with your legs spread begging for your man to cum inside you.  When you are done, you are both exhausted and sex is the furthest thing on your mind.  Instead you turn on your favorite show and hang out with each other.  As you get older, other things take place a television:  children, errands, cleaning, cooking.  Although you can obviously have good quality time while in the same room, it’s clear that physical interaction can interfere with communication.  With distance, that just isn’t possible.  Although we were both young and inexperienced, without being able to physically touch or get intimate, we would use our words and imaginations to turn each other on.  The things you learn about another person through spending time sexting, without the ability to let the physical world stop you from communicating, is mind blowing.  I fell head over heels in love with Ryan because of his words and mind.  In the process, I wanted to find out what made him happy, what made him horny, what he wanted from me that no other girl could ever give him.  This opened a Pandora’s box.  You learn each other’s darkest and deepest fantasies.  You also find out if your kinks and sex drives are compatible.  No skeletons are left in the closet.  To be honest, I didn’t even know people wanted to lick each other’s asses!   But after months and months of talking, I knew the first night I was back with Ryan, I was going to turn him over, spread his cheeks, and go to town on his ass hole.   Not only was it not weird anymore, I was excited.  That’s the power of communication. 

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Foursome Memoirs: The Silent Partner, Phone Sex, and Swingers

This is possibly the shortest running memoir series we will have on this blog.   1 post.

So we have been members of  a swing lifestyle website for years but have never met anyone from this site.  In fact, we have probably been members for just as long as we have blogged.   We’ve heard that although we only hook up with women, it’s still technically considered part of the swingers lifestyle.   Most swingers do actively look for a bi female, also known as the unicorn.  This past week, things changed.   We spoke with a couple that was interested in having the wife spoiled by another couple.   They were both in their second marriage and had only been married for about 3 months.  Personally, we both thought this was too soon, but we didn’t mention it. It was stated up front that the other wife wasn’t comfortable with Venice and her husband hooking up, which was fine with us, because it isn’t something we do anyway.  The couple both spoke with us on Kik and talked about how they spent their honeymoon having a mmf threesome with the husband’s friend.   Kind of weird I guess, but whatever.  The husband talked a lot about how he is doing this for her, it’s all about her needs, and he is really just a silent partner that enjoys watching his wife pleased.  He said he was really excited to see her with another woman.

We decided that this couple may be a match for us.  Although we have never done anything with a husband/boyfriend in the same room, it does turn us on to think about having sex in front of another couple.  We also thought we’d enjoy watching another couple have sex in front of us.  In hindsight, this may not be a reality for us.  As a couple, we like to joke around, take things a little less serious, and we tend to use comedy as a way to deal with uncomfortable situations.   This would probably be a recipe for disaster when watching a horny couple getting it on in front of us.

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