Review: Full Automatic Piston and Wriggle Rotation Male Masturbator

Review: Full Automatic Piston and Wriggle Rotation Male Masturbator

Well, other than a Fleshlight, I have never really tried any male masturbator toy.   After my first experience with an automatic masturbation machine, I am extremely interested in trying more!   As a couple that reviews products, there are a lot of things your partner can do while you use this toy on your penis.  Later in our review we will go over how we used it together!

First things first.  I opened the box, which was sent to me by Secrexy, direct from Hong Kong.  If you are from the United States and deal with shipping from overseas, you already know that it may take a bit longer for your product to arrive.  However, it does arrive, and I am sure glad it did!  The first thing I thought when I hit the power switch was:

Omg, it is a Kanye album in a box!

No, I don’t mean this masturbator was a weird black man in a box yelling at me about how he is a genius and I should appreciate him more for his fashion ideas.   I mean it has flashing lights!

After I started playing with the buttons and seeing how things would pump, spin, twirl, thrust, light up, sparkle, and dance in my lap, I totally changed my mind and thought of this:

So, if you want to put your penis through the above situation, this is the toy for you!   And I mean that in every single way.

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