Sex Toy Review: SVAKOM Nymph Soft Moving Finger Vibrator

SVAKOM Nymph Soft Moving Finger Vibrator

Imagine all the various places of your body you can rub this thing against!   Of course your first reaction is “No Venice, I don’t need to think of any other place other than right between my legs!”  Agreed.  However, imagine the possibilities.  With a little creative thought, as well as looking at the instructions on the products website (lol), you can also put this thing on your nipples, your ears, your toes, your man’s penis head, his balls, his guiche, each others’ sphincters, and even inside your vagina.  

As always, SVAKOM brings the highest quality sex toys on the market.  From the presentation, the boxing, and even the item itself, I feel safe using anything with the SVAKOM logo on the box.  And I am not selling the item, that’s just the truth.   

That Good Ole Fashion Squid Lovin’

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