Naughty Selfies – Sweater, Red Panties, and Boots

Naughty Selfies – Sweater, Red Panties, and Boots

I’ll try to keep these selfies limited to new outfits, panties, and ideas, rather than the exact same poses and panties every day.  Thankfully, I do change my panties! Unfortunately, until I learn how to stretch and morph my body into alien-like positions,  I am a bit limited at what I can do with my camera!

Dear Naughty Selfie Diary:  November 19, 2019. 

I took a quick dip into the bathroom at work to take a few selfies for my husband.  It’s getting cold outside so I sent this photo with the caption, “Sweater and boots, I have to keep warm Daddy.”

Stay warm fellas!

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Q&A: I’m Tired of My Husband Watching Porn Before He Has Sex With Me

I’m Tired of My Husband Watching Porn Before He Has Sex With Me

I don’t mind him watching porn in general. Not a big deal. But for the past couple months or so, he will walk into the bedroom fully hard expecting a blowjob, be all revved up because he has been watching porn, and then fuck me. No foreplay to speak of for me really, and if he takes time to do that, then I have to suck him hard again.  That leaves me out of the mood because, well, sucking flaccid dick isn’t super duper hot. Makes me feel kind of pointless and not all that wanted. So lately I’ve just been letting him fuck me and not really bothering with trying to orgasm because there isn’t any guarantee that it is going to last long enough for that. I told him I would like more foreplay and explained this to him and he asked what I want. I said I have no idea, because I’m inexperienced and don’t know what I want in the moment. I just want him. I was told I need to initiate more and ask for foreplay instead of just letting him have sex with me, but as explained, that is also unmotivating. I think I just don’t want to have sex at this point. It’s so much work and very overwhelming.


Venice’s response to husband watching porn 

Ryan has done this a few times, but it doesn’t really bother me.  It also never became a habit.  For him it was more of him watching porn late at night while I was in bed.  Rather than finishing by himself, he will come to the bedroom and involve me.  It’s flattering I suppose, because at least I was on his mind.  

Pro:  You are on his mind, because trust me, men can finish by themselves if they are watching porn.  Easy.

Con: Porn is not foreplay and he is disregarding your feelings.  You aren’t a fuck machine and he shouldn’t expect you to get him off just because he is horny from porn.

I understand your issue, although for me, the con doesn’t bother me.  I am totally okay being Ryan’s fuck machine and taking care of him.   If you can find that same submissive girl inside yourself, maybe that is an answer to your problem?

If you think using porn by himself as foreplay is bad, Ryan has also woken me up while pinching the head of his penis, holding a full load of cum in his shaft.  Porn wasn’t even foreplay, it was the whole event!  I just swallowed.  lol   I never really ask what he was doing prior, but I assume he was watching porn and masturbating.  I don’t really care, because I probably just want to go back to sleep.  Rather than waste his cum, he will wake me up and let me know to open my mouth.  Although this sounds awful, I prefer it.  We are intimate enough that he doesn’t need to masturbate, but if he does, I’d like to know it.  Him waking me up is more like him telling on himself. I find it adorable.  He isn’t proud, but he loves seeing me swallow.  I love swallowing him.  This doesn’t happen often, but we have a total open door policy and this is how our relationship works.  No cum gets wasted.

Suggestion:  Watch porn with him.

With all that said, if it bothers you,  tell him it bothers you.  There really isn’t much advice to give other than communicate and let him know that you are not interested in servicing him after he watches porn.  Although what I said was contrary to your experience, that doesn’t make me right.  It’s just what I prefer.  If I was annoyed by Ryan watching porn alone, I’d let him know.  

Ryan’s response to husband watching porn

I think the last comment of your question says it all.  

“I think I just don’t want to have sex at this point. It’s so much work and very overwhelming.”

This is probably why he resorts to porn to get  himself turned on.  He could just finish alone, but he still comes to you for sex.  Maybe you should join him and watch porn with him?  If that also disinterests you, maybe your sex drives just aren’t compatible.  This can be a major issue in a relationship and you may want to read about dead bedrooms and partners with incompatible sex drives.  This pretty much leaves both people totally unsatisfied in a relationship.  One is forced to do something that they find boring, way too much.  The other is forced to deal with no enthusiasm during sex, no initiation, and boring sex.  I’ve learned that the more bored the partner with the low sex drive is, the more they purposely act unenthused.  Consciously or subconsciously they are hoping they can bore their partner into also not wanting sex. Imagine that.

Enthusiasm and attitude is everything.  If you initiate, he probably wouldn’t resort to porn.  However, you will still be dealing with a flaccid penis, because that’s how our penises work. We start all foreplay flaccid, and may even stay flaccid all the way up until penetration.  We have no control over this.  As much as Venice embarrassed me in her response, there was a time when she also had what I consider a very low sex drive.  At least compared to me. I felt bad even asking for sex.  When I did ask, she would purposely give me lifeless oral sex and even sometimes pretend she was falling asleep.  Sex was much the same, but that is how she would get back at me just because I asked for sex.   She wanted me to feel what she felt while having sex.  However, I didn’t feel boredom, I felt unloved and unwanted.  She felt bored and that I wanted her too much. 

Let’s compare these needs?  One feels they are wanted too much.  The other feels unloved and unwanted?

One feels they are used for pleasure.  The other feels unused and can’t give the other pleasure.

I am a bit biased, obviously.  But the issue is real.

I watched porn because it was the only thing that could satisfy my drive. Back then,  I didn’t wake her up, and I didn’t ask her to swallow when I was done.  She hated swallowing!   

We married young and it’s so easy to get caught up in thinking sex is boring and just something adults do.  As we’ve stated since this blog started, our relationship needed a catalyst to realize it’s worth it to have a good attitude, enthusiasm, and be intimate with each other as much as humanly possible.  From a death in our family, to us almost separating, our catalyst was realizing we both didn’t want to give the next person the exact same effort it would require to make that person fall in love, that we could give each other, and fall back in love.   I’ve always said, when you split up, the next relationship will get the best version of you.  So why not just give that best version of you to someone you have history and family with?  That idea changed us.  We started our journey with this new mindset in 2012, when we started this blog. We’ve only gotten closer, more intimate, and have became amazing lovers and best friends.

Back to the topic.  It sounds like your partner may be insensitive.  While at the same time you openly say sex is boring and too much work.  He should work on listening.  You could work on telling yourself that intimacy and sex is a positive bonding experience.  Holding hands, hugging, spending time together talking, can all be too much work if you have negative thoughts about it.  Switch your vibes up and practice being positive.  Nothing will change your life more than good vibes and a positive attitude.


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