Q&A: I Got Drunk, Had Sex on my Period, and Said Too Much!? Did My Dirty Talk Go Too Far?

Q&A: I Got Drunk, Had Sex on my Period, and Said Too Much!? Did My Dirty Talk Go Too Far?

I am a 20 something female that went out with my boyfriend last night and got a bit too drunk. I was on my period so it was supposed to be just a casual night of hanging out.  However, when I drink I do get extra horny.  I remember blowing him in the parking lot and agreeing to go up to his place.

At  his place it went from me keeping my pants on sucking his dick, to me being stripped nude with my bloody pad on the floor getting my brains fucked out and bleeding all over him and his bed. 

Normally our dirty talk during sex is mostly:   I love you or I am yours.   Since I was drunk I said a bit more than I wanted to.

From what I recall the things I said were along the lines of, “Oh my God, you popping my cherry with your huge dick.  How am I losing my virginity again?!”  “Your cum turns me on. I want to swallow your cum.”    “The thought of you impregnating me turns me on.”   “I want to have your babies, make sandwiches for you barefoot, be fucked by you every day, and be your submissive for the rest of my life…”   

By the way, none of this fits my personality.  I am a more assertive person, yet conservative.   I do not want to be dominated nor do I want my boyfriend to make me his sex slave.  But for whatever reason, in the heat of the moment and drunk, I just let all my little girl quotes out and gave him the full kitchen sink.

We have talked about getting married so it’s not thaaat big of a deal. I remember he was enjoying it when we were doing it. But now that I remember that night I can’t help but be embarrassed for some reason. I mean I said I wanted to be barefoot and make sandwiches for you?? While we were having sex! I have no idea where did all that come from. He has been busy with work for now but I am dreading his phone call. I don’t feel like talking to him or meeting him for sometime now.

Venice’s response  to dirty talk too far

I’m going to be dead serious here.  What’s the problem? 

Dirty talk is mental porn for your partner, and something all women should learn to do.   If I ever write a book on giving a man perfect sex, it would include an entire chapter on talking dirty and saying all the things his brain thought about for the first 16 years of his life when he was alone in his room masturbating to all his little dirty secrets and fantasies.   Not only that, dirty talk is how you can introduce different kinks that you or him may want to try.   Because kinks can keep a relationship young and healthy.   Too this day, my husband and I still talk through things we have never thought about doing, simply by going into long conversations about sex and dirty talk.  What better way to break the ice or find out for yourself what type of thoughts turn you on?  But you don’t always have to practice what you speak, and if you are insecure about this, make sure you let your partner know, whatever you say during sex, is just fantasy.   Because you can give your partner threesomes, gang bangs, and every other possible scenario he has ever thought of, by simply talking dirty.   This goes both ways, you both can talk and turn each other on more than rubbing hot spots on your body or trying to find that sensitive spot behind his ear that gets him erect.  Your voice, your thoughts, your imagination, will turn him on just as much as anything you can do physically.  And the same goes for you.  You’ll find yourself more wet than you’ve been in your entire life while talking about things you thought were taboo and dirty.   

Now, your kink was about commitment and marriage.   Obviously this is something that turns you on right now.  You want a long term dick and he fucks you so good you would make him dinners for the rest of his life just to get that dick each night.  Awesome!   There is nothing to be ashamed about.  Just don’t forget that this type of dirty talk should progress throughout your relationship.  Never forget later, when you are married, that this type of communication helped open your relationship.  In fact, this dirty talk may lead to you actually getting married.  So later, remember that when you want to try new things.   Or remember that when he may want to try new things.   Dirty talk is the best way to introduce these new ideas that “embarrass” us when we aren’t drunk or horny.  It’s okay.

Ryan’s response to dirty talk too far

There is nothing wrong with dirty talk, especially any of the examples you gave.  He probably feels the same way as you since it probably wasn’t his intentions to fuck you while you were on your period.  That’s probably equally as humbling as all the dirty talk you gave him.  There is nothing closer to marriage sex than throwing out all your inhibition and sticking your penis inside a woman while she bleeds all over you.  That’s not something you do with a casual girlfriend.   

You both seemed to be really horny and caught up in the moment.  This isn’t something to be embarrassed about, it’s what will make the best sexual experiences of your life. Embrace this drunk, wild, uninhibited version of yourself.   Rather than being ashamed, open a healthy line of communication and ask him what he felt about the dirty talk last night.  There is nothing wrong with talking kinky, even to the extreme of marriage talk, as long as you both know it’s just dirty talk.  Some women have kinks and talk dirty about how big their partners dick is during sex, even if it isn’t big.  Some women have have humiliation/cuckold kinks and will tell their man his penis is tiny (even if he is normal sized), and some women like the idea of being fucked so good that it makes you want to marry the person.  It’s the ultimate compliment, but make sure your partner understands it’s just your extreme way of making the experience more intense for you. 

Dirty Talk: Opening My Own Massage Parlor with Happy Endings

Opening My Own Massage Parlor with Happy Endings

The Dirty Talk Intro & Disclaimer:  Everything in the story below is random and created on the spot while massaging and giving a handjob to my husband.  No filters, no rules, no boundaries; just a story and situation created to help my husband orgasm and enjoy our experience together.  We do this for intimacy and find handjobs less destructive on our bodies than having sex daily (our bodies just can’t handle penetrative sex each day).   All dirty talk is usually pure fantasy.  I use this dirty talk as a form of mental porn for my husband while he is in a vulnerable state due to being touched and massaged.  Sexual intimacy can also help reduce feelings of anxiety and depression as it triggers the release of three mood-boosting chemicals — dopamine, endorphins and oxytocin.  I usually also get really wet because my own naughty thoughts push my own personal boundaries and really turn me on.  This is why it’s so fun.  Unlike giving a blowjob or going through the theatrics of sex, you both connect thoughts together and create sexual stories in the heat of the moment.  He trusts me and we both love this natural vulnerability.  I can almost get inside his head and control his fantasies, dirty thoughts, and talk him into an orgasm in the exact moment my story hits it’s climax.  During my stories he will ask me questions while I talk.  I will include these to the best of my memory.  In fact, every story is to the best of my memory, as I do not know remember all the exact details.   

Opening My Own Massage Parlor with Happy Endings

Years ago when I transitioned from giving my husband a blow job every morning to a massage, we really only talked to each other about what we did the night before, or what we were going to do later that night.  It was more of a in the moment type of dirty talk.  I would tell him how much I wanted to taste his cum, how beautiful his dick was to me, how sexy all the veins in his dick looked, and just stroking his ego and his dick.  Gradually our talk led into things that we would never do, and I remember this being one of the first times I ever fantasized with him during a massage.

Your dick is so big to me.  It’s like a gay pornstar’s dick.  It feels so fat in my hand, like I am rubbing on a huge piece of meat…

Do you think you could massage men for a living?

What do you mean?

I mean, you do this so well.  It gets me so high and I feel so good.  Do you think you would enjoy seeing all types of different sizes?  Big, small, huge, hairy, shaved?

Yea, that would be hot.

What if we moved to Vegas and you opened your own massage parlor, do you think you’d still take care of me every day?


Would you enjoy pleasing men for a living?


What would you do to strangers?

At this point, I decided to stroke my husband in the exact same manner I would talk about in my story.

The first guy comes in and I hand him a towel and I put him in a room.  

What does he look like?

He is a trucker, white, kind of short and balding.  A bit chubby.  I can see his hairy chest at the collar of his shirt, so I know he is going to have pepper grey body hair.  Not that handsome, but not hideous.

Do you want to see his dick?

Oh yes, I want to see all my clients’ dicks.  No matter how they look.  Seeing a man’s penis is  sexy because it’s like finding the last piece to a puzzle.  No matter how they look, you can be surprised by how different their dick is.

Was you surprised with this guy?

I don’t know yet… 

I go into the room and he has nothing but a towel on.  We are in Vegas so we both know he is there for me to rub his dick.  As I talk, I take off my shirt and expose my breasts.   I can see the towel move, but I ignore it and ask him what type of lubrication does he want.  I will do it dry, coconut oil, KY, or with a lotion.  

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Threesome Sex Positions – 691

69 and 1.  What a record.  If this was boxing, it would be nearly flawless.  As far as sexual positions go, 69 plus 1 is flawless.  Great position for everyone.  Everyone gets a taste.

Disclaimer:  Although every position could be performed with two men and a woman, 3 men, or 3 women, our threesome sex positions we illustrate are focused on ffm threesomes, because these are the threesomes our blog and us as a couple have experienced.

Difficulty Level
Beginner:  Basic threesome position

Pros & Cons
+ Spoiling him 
+ Everyone gets a taste
As with most threesome positions, 1 person out of the three is the sexual work horse that is giving and not receiving.  

Get into the 69 position and the woman on top moves over to one side so the other woman can help her with sucking on his dick.   Alternatively, you the ladies can 69 and the man can help eat one of the woman’s vaginas.


All artwork is original and created by sexblogging.com. 

Threesome Sex Positions – Head Rest

This position can be extremely intimate because it has a nurturing element.  The woman behind the man holds his head, wipes off his sweat, and kissing him, while the other woman sends dopamine through his body by sitting on his dick.  The intimacy between the man who has his head resting on the woman behind him works both ways.  From giving him the feeling of a nurturing mother behind him, to her being able to hold the man in her arms while he gets pleased by the other woman.   You can use this Head Rest position whether having a woman ride the man or having her give him a blow job.  

Difficulty Level
Beginner:  Basic threesome position

Pros & Cons
+ Nurturing and intimacy
+ The ability to whisper in his ear the entire time 


All artwork is original and created by sexblogging.com. 

Threesome Sex Positions – Doggy on a Leash

This is a great position for all types of intercourse.  Doggy with one partner, switch to missionary with the other, or doggy with one partner while the girl in the middle can wear a strap on and penetrate the girl under her. 

Difficulty Level
Beginner:  Basic threesome position

Pros & Cons
+ Each partner can enjoy a sexual sensation if done properly


All artwork is original and created by sexblogging.com.